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I Believe in You


Narrator: The Winx's mission was accomplished. They found the last Earth Fairy, a girl named Roxy. During the Wizards' attack against the Winx, Roxy must decide that she believes in magic in order for the Winx to win the fight.

Scene: Gardenia

Bloom: Winx, we are now Believix fairies!
Flora: This is the most totally amazing transformation ever!
Stella: And the new outfits: so hot.
Bloom: Thanks, Roxy. When you believed in us, we transformed.
Roxy: I..I..I do believe in you guys now, so go ahead and beat those creeps.
Gantlos: Ogron, what happened?
Ogron: It is another lame fairy trick. Get rid of them and get the girl back.

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