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The White Circle is the eighth episode of the fourth season of Winx Club.


A sequence of photos from Roxy's photo album sends her and the Winx to an old country house, with the Wizards close behind.


With their new friend Roxy, the Winx girls visit a farm from Roxy's childhood where they are attacked by the Wizards of the Black Circle.


Roxy tells the girls about the dream and photos.

After another long, busy day at Love & Pet, the Winx get a phone call from Roxy claiming something strange is happening. They rush to her and at her home, the girls discover some old photos arranged in a certain order; including one of an old farm. Roxy tells the girls she dreamed of the mysterious woman again. When she woke up she noticed the old photos scattered on the floor and would return to their positions even after she had tried to put them away. The girls discover that the photos are relaying a message.

The girls sense a magical presence.

The next day the girls go to visit the farm in hopes of finding what that message was, with the Wizards of the Black Circle following them, but then realize it is now owned by a man named Batson. Before Batson kicks them out of the farm the girls all sense a magical energy in the farm.

Roxy finds the White Circle.

While they discuss a way to get past Batson, the Wizards surprise them. While the Winx hold them off, Bloom tells Roxy to go somewhere safe. She does so and hides herself in the barn. The Wizards overpower the Winx and they too flee from them by miniaturizing. They meet up with Roxy but the Wizards sense their presence in there. To draw them out, Gantlos sets the barn on fire. This alerts Batson who, when trying to intervene, is injured by Gantlos.

Batson comes to believe in magic and a new sense of purpose.

Seeing Batson hurt, the Winx confront the Wizards while Roxy remains in the barn as she noticed something brimming with light. While his comrades deal with their enemies, Ogron sneaks into the barn, initially with the intent to capture Roxy. But he then sees the White Circle and is shocked to see it. He grabs it but the circle induces pain and he drops it. Roxy quickly snatches it and runs outside.


Realizing what it is, she uses it to summon the creatures of the forest who come to her aid. It amplifies her powers tremendously causing the Wizards flee realizing they cannot defeat her. Batson is then screaming, panicking as his barn is still set ablaze. Aisha and Bloom deal with it but he faints due the injuries caused by the Wizards. Bloom heals him and Flora restores the forest to its original beauty. Batson now believes in magic, and the Winx return to the Frutti Music Bar with the Specialists.

They enjoy their time but Stella continues to ignore Brandon even though he is trying to talk to her. When Andy's band starts to play, Mitzi's two friends, Darma and Sally, inquire Mitzi about her latest crushing sitting at the table.

Musa receives Jason Queen's business card.

They belittle Stella and their relationship. Again, Mitzi tries to sway Brandon to her and starts serenading him. Stella sees this and is infuriated thus initiating a sing-off between the two. This results in Stella dragging Brandon away and Mitzi confidentially stating to her friends that she will make Stella history.

On an ending note, Musa receives a card from a man named Jason Queen, a record producer.

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  • Winx, You're Magic Now
  • Love and Pet
  • Catch Us If You Can
  • You're Magical
  • Two Hearts Forever
  • Winx Open Your Heart



  • In the Italian dub, Stella mentions that her driver's licence was revoked because she caused several car crashes.
    • Also, the male customer who approaches Bloom about other fairy pets was actually displeased with the pet he accidentally downloaded which is why he asked to see the others.
  • This episode marks the first and only appearance (in Believix form) of Fairy Dust in Season 4.
  • During the battle between the Winx and the Wizards, Ogron tells the Winx that "Resistance is futile!", which is a phrase used popularised by the Borg, a group of aliens from the Star Trek franchise linked together in a hive mind that assimilates other beings into their hive mind and send a message that "Resistance is futile" to the targets they intend to assimilate to dissuade them from resisting.

    Roxy's old concept is used.

  • Roxy's former appearance concept (gold eyes and baby blue sleeves) is used in this episode.
    • It is also the last time to be used.
  • Though their names are not revealed until "Magic Lessons", Darma and Sally are actually the reusage of two Cloud Tower witch students.
    • Sally is a color swapped Shilly whereas Darma's character maintains its original colors.
  • An Earthling named Rukola is later seen in Season 6 as a student at Cloud Tower.


  • As Stella is promoting her pet clothing designs when she moves her arm downward her fingers are cut off but then reappear again after the motion.
  • When a customer photographs the pets clothing it starts out as purple phone but in the next shot it is the same model as Roxy's.
  • While listening to Roxy, Aisha's hair is merely a blob as she was suppose to be wearing her hoodie. Afterwards, she is seen wearing her hoodie again.
  • While observing their opponents' next course of action, Musa's gloves are missing.
    • Later, her gloves are not fingerless gloves but full ones.
  • In one scene, Tecna's gloves are missing. 
  • in one scene as Mark talks to Aisha, Roxy can be seen in the background in her pajamas. 
  • In the Cinélume version, during the title card, the word "White" was spelled incorrectly as "Withe". This was later corrected.
  • Musa's hair is not in low pigtails at certain points.


I think it's enough for today, tomorrow and the day after that. Bloom, I'm exhausted! Ugh!

Musa, after a long day of work.

It was that woman again! I knew I was dreaming but it seemed so real! It was that voice, it's the same voice I heard when we were fighting the Wizards. And then when I woke up I saw the pictures scattered on the floor like that! If I tried to put them away, they'd jump out of the album again!!

Roxy, explaining the urgency of her situation.

I'll drive, I'll drive! In Solaria, they never let me drive anything. They say I don't have a sense of direction, I wonder what they mean?

Stella, ignorant of her terrible driving skills.

Uh... M-maybe when you get back, we could have a little talk. What do you think? Uh, Stella?

Brandon, trying to work things out.

Let Layla drive!

-- Bloom, Flora, Musa, and Tecna

There's a powerful energy coming from this... I wonder what- Huh?!

Roxy, finding the White Circle.

When she has possession of the White Circle that girl is too strong!

Ogron, revealing the might of the White Circle.

It-it's so beautiful! It was like this once but then I destroyed it. How could I? I've done nothing good in my life, I've despised everything and everyone. Even you, you who save mah whole farm! ... How could I have been so wrong?!

Batson, coming to terms with himself.

And there's Stella! She says they're engaged but not if I can help it!


'Just a song'?!?! How DARE she?! ONLY I get to sing to Brandon!

Stella, not at all letting Mitzi steal Brandon.

That girl Musa, she's your friend, right? Give her this card for me will ya?

Jason Queen, scouting Musa.