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Nebula is the ninth episode of the fourth season of Winx Club.


The Winx discover that the White Circle is the last portal to the realm where the Earth Fairies have been imprisoned by the Wizards. Possessed by a powerful warrior fairy, Roxy turns against the Winx.


Winx Club - Episode 409 (1)

Musa writes down the address for her signing audition.

The episode starts with the Wizards stating that they need Roxy and the White Circle's powers to become stronger.

Back at Love & Pet, Stella is seen using the White Circle as a hoop for their pets. Meanwhile, Musa is curious if Jason Queen was really serious about him offering her to become a star. Musa decides to call Jason Queen, and Musa is very happy when Jason lets her audition.

White Circle - Episode 409 (1)

Bloom gives Roxy the White Circle.

At the Frutti Music Bar, Musa is performing and the rest of the Winx are dancing. Bloom talks to Roxy about being a fairy. Roxy feels unsure about how being a fairy felt like, but Bloom reassures Roxy, stating that she is smart. Then she gives Roxy the White Circle.

Winx Club - Episode 409 (2)

Nebula possess Roxy.

Riven feels jealous of how Musa hangs out with a lot of guys, when in reality they have been helping her get ready for the audition. Bloom states how those guys were just friends. Sky then walks over and flirts with another girl and Bloom becomes jealous. Helia and Nabu come by and observe that Riven is jealous and Nabu offers to talk to him.

Sky's father appears at the Frutti Music Bar, with Bloom's foster dad, Mike. Erendor is looking for Sky and demands that Bloom tells him where he is.


Roxy with the White Circle.

Roxy picks up the White Circle and Artu barks at it. Roxy states she does not like it, but a voice is heard. Artu and the pets run back all scared. That voice happened to belong to Nebula, who demands to be let free and get revenge against the Fairy Hunters. She goes into Roxy's body then tells the White Circle to lead her to Ogron and the Wizards.

The Winx notice that Roxy is acting strange, so they transform and try to find her before it is too late.

The White Circle has lead Roxy/Nebula to the Wizards. The Wizards start attacking but find out that the White Circle was very powerful then what they actually thought. The Winx come in and attack the Wizards. The Wizards once again, surrender to the Winx and Nebula.

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Believix Shield Convergence.

Nebula blames the surrender on the Winx, and tries to attack them. The Winx prevent Nebula from becoming too powerful and Nebula goes back into the White Circle. Roxy faints but is healed by Bloom. Roxy is very clueless to what happened but they go back to the Fruitti Music Bar.

Royal Seal 2

The Royal Seal is returned to its rightful owner.

Erendor is angry that Sky has sold the royal seal. They go to the shop where Sky has sold the seal. The owner thought it was a joke when Erendor offered him a bag of gems. Musa used her power and got the owner to believe in magic, the owner then hands back the seal. Erendor is happy that he received the seal back and goes back to Eraklyon.

The Winx and the Specialists have a little party in the pet shop. The episode ends with Bloom and Sky holding hands while sitting on a bed.

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  • After this episode, Flora's voice in the Cinélume dub returns to normal.
  • In the Cinélume dub, Domino is referred to Sparks. Sparks is the name of the planet in the 4Kids dub and Cinélume had always used its original name making it rather unusal for the dub to use this name.


  • There are plenty of time where Musa's hair is not tied in low pigtails. Or the hair ties are present but does not really hold her hair.
  • Tecna and Bloom are missing their lips at one point when dealing with Erendor.
  • When Roxy/Nebula returns to the Frutti Music Bar Darma can be seen in the background even though she had just left with her friends, Sky, and Brandon.
  • When Roxy/Nebula rejects Stella's advice to get somewhere safe her stockings are missing.


I don't exactly know. Up until the other day I was just a normal girl with a quiet life, then you Winx arrive and everything changed.
Roxy, thoughts on being the last Earth Fairy
Look at those guys! Music means the world to them, just like Musa, they have a common bond. Nothing wrong with that!
Helia, giving some sound wisdom.
Just admit it: you’re jealous. Jealousy keeps a relationship alive and thriving.
Roxy, set me free, Nebula has been imprisoned too long.
What you [Roxy] want is no longer important, girl.
Finally, after centuries, Nebula has come back to life. And now, vengeance against the Fairy Hunters will be mine.
It's the end for you, Fairy Hunters.
Don’t you dare. I've waited for this moment for centuries.
Time to pay for everything you did to my sisters and I, Orgon!
The circle belongs to Nebula, now and forever!
Thank you, father but on behalf of my friends we can't accept. We chose to follow the girls we love into this world and we should try to live here according to the rules of this planet.
I am proud of you, my son! For you have just confirmed to me that I have a worthy heir! Sometimes you're a bit a hasty but you're also brave and generous. Be careful, my son.
Erendor, expresses his approval of Sky.
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