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Musa's Song is the tenth episode of the fourth season of Winx Club.


The Winx attempt to strengthen their Believix power by making the people of Gardenia believe in them. Meanwhile, Musa has a big audition with music producer Jason Queen that could change her life forever.


Musa's amazingly beautiful singing voice entices a record manager named Jason, who offers her a record contract.


Roxy, unsure of what to do.

Bloom and Flora are visiting Roxy at her house, worrying about the last incident that happened to her. Roxy is still traumatic as Nebula took control of her after she touch the White Circle. Bloom and Flora left and gave her time to relax.

At the Love & Pet Shop, Bloom and Flora explained about Roxy's condition to the other Winx girls. Then, they discussed about how they are about to fight the Wizards of the Black Circle. Tecna then show her new gadgets which enable them to help any emergency that occur in Gardenia while Musa is still worried about the white circle. Bloom turns the white circle as a ring to solve their problems.

Riven is jealous of Jason.

Then, the Winx are on a mission to convince people to believe in magic. Suddenly, Roxy appear and apologized to Bloom on how she acted. The Winx invite her on their mission. However, Musa cannot go along with the rest of her friends as she have an audition at Jason's recording studio. The Winx wish her good luck, while she is still worried on how will Riven act when she is there as he will accompany her.

Roxy advises her friends on how to touch human hearts.

The Winx walk around the city of Gardenia, suddenly saw two girls is arguing over a dress. Tecna decided to use her Believix spell to make them believe in magic. However, she failed but she managed to calm them down. Then, Stella saw an angry man talking on his phone. Stella takes her turn and makes him calm. However, the man is afraid of her when she said she is a fairy. Meanwhile, Gantlos is spying on what their doing.

Musa in the recording booth.

Musa and Riven is on their way for her audition. Riven is unsatisfied when Musa keep saying Jason's name. At the recording studio, they meet Jason and Musa apologized for being late. Riven is so mad and jealous when Musa is so flirty with him.

The Winx are tired of their mission as they failed. They discussed about it and Roxy suggest that they should change their approach and tells them that situation does not really affect people's heart. Bloom thanked her. A moment later, Tecna's new gadget specialized for emergency beep as there is a fire on a building. The Winx transform to help the people that is trapped inside.

Flora saves a family.

At the recording studio, Musa sing beautifully from her heart and impressed Jason, while Riven is mad and jealous. In the meantime, the Winx help the people that is trapped form her building, impressing a little girl and believe that fairies are real. Somehow, the Winx is curious about the fire and believe that the source comes from dark magic. Suddenly, the Wizards appear causing the Winx to be furious.

People begin to believe in magic.

In the aflame building, the Winx face off the Wizards, causing a fight to break out between them. The wizards tricked Bloom by screaming for help. Bloom, angered by the wizards trick unleashed a powerful fire attack causing the wizards to escape which stops their dark fire energy. Suddenly, a man cried for help who is Bloom's father. He is healed by Bloom with Bloom's special Believix power.


At the recording studio, Jason praised Musa for her beautiful voice and he convince her that she can be popular anytime with her lovely song, causing Riven to be angry. Meanwhile, the Winx received a huge spotlight outside the building. Unfortunately, they left before the reporter could ask them of who they are. The Winx's mission was accomplished as many people starts to believe in fairies and magic.


In the meantime, Musa and Riven fight outside Jason's studio causing them to break up. Jason encourages Musa to be patient. Then, she returns to the Love & Pet shop where she meets her fellow friends the Winx. She explain every single thing that happen and made up her mind to break up with Riven.  

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  • This is the third time Riven and Musa break up.
  • Kiko gets involved in a love triangle with Milly, the Rabbit, and Ginger, the Poodle, who both fight each other for his attention.


  • While Stella is bathing the Fairy Pets, Aisha is wearing her Season 4 civilian outfit, but after Bloom and Flora arrive, Aisha changes to her Love & Pet outfit for the rest of the scene.
  • In one scene, Ginger is suddenly wearing a dress and her hair is styled. In the same instance, Milly had her workout clothes on then suddenly was not wearing them.
  • Flora's highlights are missing when she is in Roxy's room.
  • When Flora suggests protecting Roxy, the inside of one of the ears on her headband turns green for a short moment.
  • Musa's transformation sequence is shown despite the fact that she is not with the Winx.
  • When Aisha summons her Plasma Wall spell. Flora and Tecna are present but when the camera zooms out, they are not.
  • While Roxy is wiping down an object she is missing her sleeves.


But I don't want to be special! I'm not like you Bloom - I live on Earth, my life is here on Earth with my father and Artu.

Roxy, not wanting to be a fairy.

Work! Work! All we do is work! Don't we get a vacation??


It's not the situations that are wrong; I think you should change the way you approach them. ...You're powerful fairies but it works a lot differently for human beings. You have to be so careful with them! You have to feel them out, make a connection with their hearts; it's the only way you're gonna believers out of them.

Roxy's advice to helping people believe in magic.

Um, do you believe in magic? And in fairies?

Mike's answer to a reporter's question.

We do!

-- The Citizens of Gardenia start to believe.

That's right! You'd done nothing but criticize me all day! Is this your way of supporting me?!

Musa, disappointed in Riven.

Oh don't worry, I'm leaving. Ask your friend Jason to support you!


Envy spares no one. That is the first lesson you'll have to learn when you become a star.

Jason Queen's lesson in reality.

No, Stella, tomorrow won't be fine. Because this time, I've changed! I've made up my mind: it's over between me and Riven.