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The Audition


Narrator: The White Circle is the last portal to access the dimension where the Earth Fairies are held captive. The Winx met the spirit of Nebula, a fairy confined within the White Circle, determined to get revenge on the wizards. Meanwhile, Musa has dreams about spreading her talent all over the world.

Scene: Roxy's Room

Bloom: Roxy, we know you're upset about what happened.
Roxy: Do you say "upset"? I think "shocked" is more the word.
Flora: Tell us. Maybe talking about it will make you feel better.
Roxy: (sighs) I could hear all those voices inside my head. Feel all those feelings. Fear, pain, loneliness. Nebula took over and I couldn't fight it.
Bloom: Nobody said being a fairy was going to be easy, Roxy. But you're strong and you have a special gift.
Roxy: Gift? But I dont want to be special. I'm just Roxy, Bloom. I live on earth. My life is here with my father and Artu.
Flora: You can be Roxy and a fairy. You'll learn to use your powers and still have time for Artu and your father.
Roxy: I don't know what to do. This is all too much for me. I just don't think I want it.
Bloom: I understand how you're feeling right now. Take your time, Roxy. And think about it. Remember, we'll always be here for you. Bye, see you soon.
Roxy: What do you think, Artu?

Scene: Love & Pet shop

Stella: Work, work! All we do is work! When do we get a vacation?

  • Bloom and Flora walk in.*

Bloom: Good morning, girls.
Stella: Hey. Why the long faces? What happened?
Flora: We just went to see Roxy.
Stella: Don't tell me. She dosen't want to be a fairy, right?
Flora: Mm-hmm.
Bloom: She's confused and she's shocked by the powers of the White Circle, and I can understand it.

  • Kiko plays with a ball while the other pets watch him.*

Flora: She just needs some time. We'll hang out with her, and watch out for her, and hope she gets excited.
Stella: And what about the Wizards of the Black Circle? Should we be getting excited to battle them?
Musa: Totally! 'Cause we can hurt them. I remember reading in the Book of Fairies that the more people believe in us, the stronger we'll become!
Bloom: Yeah, you're absolutely right. We can weaken the power of the fairy hunters! With our Believix power, we can convince people that magic exists.

  • Kiko falls off the ball and Ginger and Milly confronts him. The Winx laugh.*

Bloom: Getting people to believe in us is easier said than done.
Stella: I can always start with "Hi, I'm Stella and I'm a fairy".
Tecna: We can always help people who are in trouble. We can tune into the emergency frequencies with this.

  • Tecna shows her device to the girls.*

Winx: Wow!
Bloom: That's a really great idea, Tecna.
Musa: Sorry to bring the party down, girls, but, what are we gonna do with this thing?

  • Musa shows the White Circle.*

Bloom: We'd better not leave it by itself. It's a massively powerful and incredibly dangerous object. Roxy lost control when she touched it.

  • Bloom turns the White Circle into a ring.*

Bloom: There we go, problem solved. Now I'll always have it with me and there won't be any chance of falling it into the wrong hands.

  • Kiko gives Milly and Ginger flowers, but they fight over it. Kiko groans.*

Scene: Outside Love & Pet

Aisha: Creating another you to watch the shop was a totally brilliant idea, Bloom.

  • Bloom waves to her duplicate and does a slight laugh.*

Bloom: Well, we cancelled today's appointments with the exception of the pets' food deliveries.
Stella: And the truck is coming later on. Way to go, Bloom! Sometimes you can be pretty smart, you know?
Bloom: Oh, really? Just sometimes?

  • The Winx laugh. Bloom sees Roxy.*

Bloom: Hey, what a surprise! I didn't think we see you again so soon, Roxy.

  • The Winx walked up to Roxy.*

Roxy: Um, I thought that since I have to face and embrace my destiny as a fairy that it might be a good idea to be around other fairies. And since it's my day off from the Frutti Music Bar, I thought, Bloom, I'm so sorry for the way I acted before. I get so worked up sometimes.
Bloom: Don't worry about it. Listen, we have to into town for a mission. Would you like to come with us? Hmm?
Roxy: Uh, okay.
Bloom: Perfect!

  • Bloom walks up to Roxy and puts one of her arms around her.*

Bloom: We decided to use our Believix powers to help people on Earth believe in magic.
Musa: Um, girls? Unfortunately, I can't come. I have that audition with Jason Queen.
Aisha: The audition, Musa! Of course you have to go.
Flora: Break a leg, Musa. You'll be great!
Bloom: Good luck, and we're all with you.
Aisha: Is Riven going with you?
Musa: Yeah, I'm meeting him in front of the loft.

  • Musa waves goodbye to the girls.*

Musa: Bye, girls!

  • Musa speaks her mind into herself.*

Musa: (thinking) Let's just hope he doesn't make a scene.

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