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A Virtual World

Scene: Love & Pet

  • The magical pets are making some noises.*

Kiko: Shh!
Bloom: Girls, we've got a job to do. Faragonda couldn't find out the secrets of the White Circle, but she says we could!
Stella: I think it's a waste of time!
Bloom: We've got to try! This is the only way we'll find out what happened to the Earth Fairies...
Layla: And we've got to to do it before the Wizards finds us and get the circle!

  • The Winx forms a circle on the floor*

Bloom: With the magic's trail, Believix circle, we'll get the answers to our questions.
Roxy: How does it work?
Flora: Objects and places have memories, Roxy. With this spell, we can find them and relive them.
Bloom: We don't know what we're going to see. Are you sure you want to do it?
Roxy: When Nebula used me to fight against the wizards, I understood how much the Earth Fairies suffer.
Bloom: You're more and more become like me, Roxy. You used to act instinct to me, now, you know what you want.
Stella: Fairy book says that Nebula was a great warrior and in the war against Ogron and his fairy hunters.

  • The Winx transforms to their Believix, then to their Tracix*

Roxy: Woah.

  • The White Circle floats. The pets cuddle into Kiko*

Stella: The Circle... what's going on?

  • Background turns into Tir Nan Og*

More coming soon...

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