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The Gifts of Destiny is the twentieth episode in the fourth season of Winx Club.


Using a magical convergence, the Winx free themselves and the Specialists from the Fairy of Forests' prison. However, they have new adversaries to battle: deforesters who threaten to destroy the power source of the Amazon forest.


After the Winx escape from Diana's fortress, they soon discover


The Sacred Bud is discovered.

Brandon exhausted

Brandon and Stella exhausted after the mission.

that Diana's power is connected to the forest's source of magic, so the Winx must act soon if they were to save the forest.

Later the girls try to convince Diana to release Gardenia from its forest prison, and out of appreciation Diana drops her revenge and forges an alliance with the Winx and she says she would also try to convince the other Earth Fairies to call a truce.

Major Events



Spells Used



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  • This episode marks the last appearance of Sophix.


  • Helia's gem on his chest kept changing color from yellow to pink.
  • When dealing with the Sacred Sprout, Stella's hair switches from being front her wings to the back. Bloom's lower portion of her hair is missing.
  • When the Winx are talking to the Ethereal Fairies, Aisha's explore outfits is changed.


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