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The Frozen Tower is the twenty-second episode of the fourth season of Winx Club.


Morgana and the Warrior Fairies aren't happy with the Winx's decision to protect the Wizards. To make their feelings clear, the Warrior Fairies attack Gardenia putting the Winx in a very tough spot.



Aurora is questioning her situation.

Aurora, Fairy of the North, comes to Earth on Morgana's orders, freezing it over and threatens to send the planet into another ice age. But she is told that no harm can come to Roxy.

The Winx were in the park with Roxy and the Specialists when the temperature starts to drop when Nebula makes an appearance stating that if the Wizards of the Black circles are not turned over to Morgana then they will have to face Aurora. In Sibylla's cave, Duman nearly blows the Wizards cover to show that they still have evil intentions. The Winx, using their new Lovix powers (a wintery-themed transformation), go to confront Aurora. The Winx and Roxy track down Aurora in her ice fortress and must do battle with her minions.

After the battle, Aurora traps them in a cage constructed out of ice and snow, and worst of all, Roxy's body temperature slowly starts dropping.

The Winx and Roxy are surrounded.

Major Events

  • The Winx earn their Lovix transformation.
  • Earth starts to freeze solid.
  • The Winx save a ship trapped in ice.



Spells Used




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  • In the Nickelodeon version, Aurora learns that Bloom has the Dragon Flame, but in the other versions she does not know Bloom's fire energy is the Dragon Flame.
  • The Ice Creatures that attacked the Winx Club similar to the Titans in Huntik.
  • This episode marks the 100th episode of Winx Club.


  • In one scene, Musa's Believix rubber band was blue instead of pink.


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