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Bloom's Trial is the twenty-third episode of the fourth season of Winx Club.


Bloom takes on the powerful Nebula in order to save Gardenia from a meteorite of ice. Through Bloom's demonstration of sacrifice and courage, Morgana is moved to leave her vengeful ways.


To protect Roxy, Bloom fights Nebula, Major Fairy of War, with the agreement that she drops her campaign for revenge if Bloom wins. Bloom wins and Nebula has to honor their agreement. The Winx are given a life reviving spell by the Ethereal Fairies which could be used to revive someone who is dead.

Major Events

  • Bloom fights Nebula, and Nebula is defeated.
  • Morgana drops her campaign for revenge.
  • The Ethereal Fairies give the Winx the final gift of destiny: the Gift of Darkness, which can be used to save someone from death, but it can only be used once.
  • The Earth Fairies (except Nebula) start to realize revenge is not always the answer.
  • The Winx learn there is a connection between Roxy and Morgana.



Spells Used



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  • This is one of the few times when Bloom makes a move on instinct alone.
  • This episode marks the last appearance of the Winx's Lovix forms.


  • When the Winx were in Sibylla's cave, Roxy's shoulder was the color of her skin, and then turned into the color of her top when it was supposed to be green.
  • In the same shot after a few seconds, Roxy's sleeves were missing. Besides, Roxy should appear in her explorer outfit, not her civilian one.
  • In one scene, as Aisha looks at the Gift of Darkness, her wings are missing.
  • The official Winx Club website mistakenly titles the episode, "Bloom's Test".


You're not the legendary warrior you think you are! You're just a coward! You picked on the weakest one of us.
I don't know what Bloom's up to, but if it's to make her angry, she's doing a good job.
Truth is; Morgana hasn't used you until now because she's been worried that you'd mess up.
Ice Wall! *deflects the attack* See? That's what I mean. Can't you do any better? If you want me to go get Ogron and his wizards, you'll have to fight me. If I win, you'll free us.
Bloom, I hope you've given this a lot of thought.
No. I'm using my instincts.
Perfect. I feel much better.
What do you know about vengeance and hatred? You have nothing to teach me, you naive child! Have you ever been locked up for centuries in a prison, humiliated and defeated?
My rage against the humans is even greater! They stopped believing in us and condemned us to oblivion!
What do you say? We can do without some of this ice. There's so much of it; I'm sure they won’t miss it.
I'll do as you say, Roxy... but only because you asked me to.
This is the prophecy, Winx.