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Ice and Fire


Narrator: In order to avenge Nabu, Layla follows Nebula on her quest for revenge. Morgana, freed by Roxy and the Winx welcomes the girls with an incredible revelation. Roxy is her daughter soon all secretly revealed. But first, the Wizards of the Black Circle must be defeated once and for all.

Scene: Omega Cave

Ogron: Faster! Faster! There, right behind us!

  • The Wizards jump over the cliff.*

Anagan: Ogron, I can't run anymore. Wait for me please!
Gantlos: There's no time. Those fairies will be here soon, unless you'd rather stay around and wait for them.

  • Anagan jumps over the cliff, falls but Gantlos catches him.*

Gantlos: Come on!

  • Layla and Nebula break the wall open.*

Nebula: Look, footprints. They've been here. They're trapped now.
Layla: So? Come on, let's go get 'em!
Nebula: Remember Layla, trapped animals are dangerous.
Stella: Did you hear that?
Bloom: It's battle sounds. We're close!
Gantlos: There we are. Oh, no! Looks like there's no way out. It's over. It's a dead end, Ogron.
Ogron: I'll tell you when it's over. If this is the bottom of the Omega Dimension, then let's start digging. There's no way out of here then we'll just have to make our own way out.
Layla: Ogron!
Nebula: There's nowhere to run.
Layla: Turn in fight!

  • Layla approaches to the crystal mirrors to find which is the real wizards. She uses her Morphix power to break the crystals in find the right one, but Ogron isn't there. Ogron flies behind her and Nebula. Nebula kicks the crystals to find Gantlos, Layla uses Morphix to find Anagan and Ogron. Ogron appear behind Nebula and attacks her.*

Ogron: We don't go down without a fight, girls.
Nebula: No Layla, don't let them win!
Layla: Morphix Wave!

  • Layla shields Ogron's spell.*

Ogron: You want to avenge Nabu, but you're not evil enough to do it.

  • Anagan chuckles. Layla sobs while grunting. The other Winx appear above the wizards.*

Layla: Bloom! Girls!
Flora: Did you think we would just let you go?
Anagan: Let's surrender Ogron.
Ogron: Never!
Bloom: Believix magic convergence!

  • The Winx and wizards uses their spells on each other. The wizards' spell knocks Stella off. Roxy arrives to take over.*

Stella: Thanks Roxy.
Layla: Don't leave me too.

  • Stella and Layla join the others to do their spell. Nebula joins in as well. Their spell aims at the wizards. The wizards are frozen and defeated.*

Bloom: It's... It's over. This time, it's really over.

  • The cave starts to collapse. The Winx escape. Bloom notices Nebula is left behind.*

Bloom: Nebula!
Nebula: I'll stay here.
Bloom: But why?
Nebula: I left the light for the dark side. They made me so.
Bloom: No, Nebula. You still have goodness inside you. You'll always have it. You no longer belong to the dark side.

  • Bloom and Nebula escape from the collapsing cave.*

Scene: Tir Nan Og

Stella: Look it's Bloom! She made it!
Nebula: My queen, forgive me.
Morgana: Stand up, Nebula. Stand up, my friend.
Bloom: Hi, Layla.

  • Layla sobs. The Winx comfort her.*

Sky: Hey, the sunbeam! You don't see that very often in the Omega Dimension.
Brandon: That's true. But today is a special day.

Scene: Roxy's House

Scene: Love & Pet

Scene: Park

Scene: Outside Love & Pet

Scene: Frutti Music Bar

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