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Winx 704 -- Timmy, Brandon, Nex, Sky, Helia
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The Spill is the first episode of the fifth season of Winx Club.


In the kingdom of Andros, Aisha's Uncle Neptune plans to make his son Nereus Crown Prince. The ceremony is disrupted when Nereus' twin, Tritannus attacks and is sent to the prison of Andros where he meets the Trix.



The Winx advertising their concert.

The Winx advertise their concert in Gardenia at the Frutti Music Bar during the night by using their powers to impress the people of Gardenia. After they advertise their concert, they meet Roxy at the Frutti Music Bar. She tells them that it is her last day working at the Frutti Music bar as she was accepted in Alfea. She shows Bloom an admission letter. She is thankful to Bloom and says that Bloom helped her a lot like a big sister, reminding Bloom of her sister Daphne


The oil tank begins having problems.

Meanwhile, at an oil tank in the middle of the sea of Gardenia, the machines are in a very bad condition to such an extent where it may lead to an oil spill. The Winx check out a smoke occurring there, but luckily, no oil spill occurs after Tecna scans it with her techno device. The Specialists are on their way to meet the Winx at the Frutti Music Bar. Sky is so nervous as he is about to give Bloom the pendant of Eraklyon to prove his love to her.

Sky pendant

Sky was about to give Bloom the pendant.

When the Specialists arrive, the Winx happily greet them. The Winx hang out with the Specialists where Helia gives Flora a special origami while Brandon is serving Stella a glass of carrot juice which she does not like. Sky is telling Bloom about his summer and when he is about to give Bloom the pendant, Musa interrupts their conversation. Kiko who wants to drink the carrot juice in front of him almost has Sky drop the precious pendant. Flora sees what is in Sky's hand and asks him whether that is for Bloom and he answers yes.

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Aisha misses Nabu.

Bloom is searching for Aisha as she sat far from the rest of them. Aisha is crying missing Nabu when she sees Nabu's photo on her phone. When the Winx approach her and ask her whether she is fine, she quickly changes Nabu's picture to Tressa's picture and says that she is alright. Aisha introduces the Winx to her family's picture and says that the coronation day is on that day where her uncle will pick one of his sons as the next underwater world king of Andros. A moment later, Tressa calls as the ceremony is about to begin and she picks it up.


Aisha showing her family picture.

Tressa is in King Neptune's throne room, where mermaids and selkies come to watch the historical moment of underwater world of Andros. The Winx and the Specialists greet Tressa through Aisha's webcam on her cellphone. Two mermaids are talking about the ceremony when they enter the throne room. Tritannus, who sneaks behind them (in a mask) overheard their conversation in which one of the mermaids says Tritannus is not great, causing him to be angry.


Tritannus in disguise.

Tritannus does not appear so as a result, King Neptune continues the ceremony without him. He honorably announces Nereus as the next underwater king of Andros to the Andros citizens. The crowd cheers and applause and hail Nereus as their next king. When King Neptune is about to give him the crown, he is attacked by a stranger causing him to be furious. A fight breaks out between King Neptune and the stranger until the stranger's mask is removed accidentally.

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Lemmy watches Tritannus.

Everyone gasps as it is Tritannus. Tritannus then explains his jealous feeling about his brother to his father. His father, angrily commands the guards to put him in the dungeon. Aisha's connection is lost making her worry about the chaos that is happening on Andros.

Then, the Winx and the specialists rushed out to save the workers from the oil tank where the machines are now completely broken. While trying to save one of  the worker, Sky drops the Pendant of Eraklyon. He tries to grab but instead he and the worker fall off his wind rider. Bloom catches Sky before he fell in the water but could not catch the worker. Sky asks her what about the worker and says "it's all up to Aisha now."

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