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The Pillar of Light


Narrator: In order to activate the Emperor’s Throne, Tritannus must acquire the seals from the Pillar of Light, Balance, and Control. The Winx are determined to stop him, In battle of the Pillar of Light, Aisha is attacked by her own family whom Tritannus turned into mutants and he escaped with the seal. 

Scene: Underwater Infinite Ocean

Tritannus: I should feel the power to rule the Infinite Ocean, the power of the Emperor's Throne flowing through me, but it's not. 

  • Tritannus growls 

Tritannus: What is wrong with this thing? Ah, I see, the legs of the throne are broken.

Alfea's Scene: Simulator Room

  • The Winx's are somewhere in Magix 

Bloom: I think...look .

  • A path of yellow-shaped stone shows up

Tecna: A path.
Bloom: Come on! 

  • The Winx swam toward the Coral Circle. 

Musa: Oh. The Coral Circle. 
Bloom: Lets go! We almost there.

  • The dragon appears and attacks the Winx.

Bloom: Woah...
Flora: What are those things? 
Tecna: It's getting darker.
Bloom: Light. We need light, Stella!
Stella: but...but...
Musa: Stella, hurry!
Bloom: Come on Stella, use the Light of Sirenix!
Stella: (Looking worried) but I don't know how...

  • The Winx's training session ends as the dragons nearly attacked and the Winx excluding Stella says "Awww..."

Faragonda: What happened, Stella?
Stella: I don't Ms. Faragonda Faragonda, I just froze. 
Faragonda: Hmm....I understand, but this was only a pale imitation of the challenges you will face in the Infinite Ocean.

  • The Winx all look worried.

Faragonda: Your training will resume tomorrow.

  • Faragonda and the Winx excluding Bloom and Stella leave the room.

Stella: I really messed up, didn't I Bloom? 
Bloom: Yeah, but I know you can do it. 
Aisha: Hey, I wonder how Aisha is doing on Andros. 

  • Stella and Bloom looks at each other.

Scene: Andros 's Throne Room

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Scene: Underwater Infinite Ocean

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Scene: The Winx's Dorm

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Scene: Domino's Balcony

Marion: Oritel, the sun.

Scene: Above Andros's Ocean

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Scene: One of Erakylon's Palace Hallway

  • Erendor staring at the sun.

Scene: Alfea's Central Courtyard

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Scene: Solaria's Sun Chamber Room

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Scene: Above Andros's Ocean 

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Scene: Eraklyon's Throne Room

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Scene: Underwater Infinite Ocean

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Narrator: Stella must restore the Pillar of Light to make the sun shine again and cure her father. Meanwhile, Aisha comes face-to-face with a harsh reality. The mutants she is battling are beloved family members. Can the Sword of Neptune help Aisha to break Tritannus curse?

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