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The Eclipse is the sixteenth episode of the fifth season of Winx Club.


Time is running out before darkness envelopes the Magic Dimension. All eyes are on Stella, the Fairy of the Shining Sun, to help restore light and save her ailing father.


With Magix in total eclipse and the royal family turned mutant, the Winx Club faces a tough battle but is determined to break Tritannus' spell.


Luna caring for Radius.

Luna continues to tend to Radius as the eclipse continues. She prays for the Winx's success in their mission.

Tritannus now has the seal from the Pillar of Light.

At the Pillar of Light, the pillar was getting unstable and began to collapse. While they worry about that, Tritannus escapes with the pillar's seal and Icy in tow. Flora, Musa and Tecna continue their fight with Darcy and Stormy. Flora knocks the two witches down, then they realize that Tritannus and Icy were leaving without telling them. 

Nereus and Tressa are relinquished from Tritannus' curse.

Tritannus once again uses his mutant slaves as shields to prevent Aisha from following. Aisha then takes out Neptune's sword and fires at two of the mutants, causing the rest to scatter and follow Tritannus again. The two mutants then revert back to normal, revealing to be Nereus and Tressa. Aisha was happy to see them back to normal, then presents Neptune's sword to Nereus, who vows to use it to stop his evil brother.

Stella restores the Pillar of Light.

Bloom, Stella, and Aisha regroup with Flora, Musa, and Tecna with the two restored mermaid and merman, but they have bigger problems. If the Pillar of Light collapses, the whole Magic Dimension will be plunged into darkness. Aisha tries to heal it, but her powers were not strong enough. The Winx then try a convergence spell, but even that did not work. The Guardian Selkies say that the Pillar needed its light restored, so Stella steps up and uses her light-affinity powers to restore it. She struggled, but mustered up all the light powers she had, and managed to restore the Pillar. Stella collapses from the power output but was quickly caught by Bloom and Flora. The abandoned Darcy and Stormy chose that moment to sneak away.

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All around Magix, the eclipse ended and the sun shone once again.

Radius and Luna's argument comes to an end.

At Alfea, Faragonda calls a meeting with Griselda, Palladium, and Wizgiz, saying that they need to step up the Winx' training in mastering their Sirenix powers if they ever want to have any hope of defeating Tritannus.

Bloom and Sky set up a date.

On Solaria, the Winx return to the castle, but Stella seemed reluctant to return, feeling that now the crisis is over, her parents will go back to their usual routine.

Stella, upset with her parents' constant fighting.

She eventually decides to head back in alone. Inside, she is greeted by Luna and Radius, who congratulate her on her success. When Stella brought up that she simply did what they would have done, and put them together, Radius immediately brushes it off and goes to return to his duties. Luna chastises him for blowing off Stella, who retorts that nothing he does is good enough for Luna and wonders why she is even still there. Luna angrily leaves the hall, as Radius leaves for his chambers grumbling about his divorced wife, leaving Stella alone and saddened at the development.

The Kings of the Magic Dimension and Faragonda discuss ways to overthrow Tritannus.

At Alfea, Faragonda has an astral meeting with Oritel, Erendor, Radius, and Teredor, who argue about their next plan to counter Tritannus. Oritel tells them that they must convene a summit of all the Magic Dimension at his castle on Domino, which they all agree on.

Diaspro goes to fetch Sky after being appointed King Erendor's Special Liaison.

In the Winx's dorm, Stella is discouraged that her parents are still at odds with each other despite what had happened. Kiko attempts to cheer her up, but wound up doing more harm than good. Bloom then gets a call from Sky who wanted to meet with her later, which she eagerly agrees on.

The Winx defeating the monster.

On Eraklyon, Erendor gets annoyed that Sky is gone off when he should be fulfilling his role as prince since he will soon be king. Samara tells her husband that they should not keep Sky confined in the castle all the time, and she does not know where he has gone. Diaspro, who now works at the castle, has an idea of where he is, but says she has no authority to bring him back, so Erendor dubs her as his liaison and orders her to retrieve him. Samara fears Erendor has made a mistake making Diaspro a liaison.

Winx Club - Episode 516 (11).jpg

At Alfea, the girls are confused when a crumpled up paper ball knocks on their window. Letting it inside, they discover it is a note from Wizgiz to meet them at the Lake Roccaluce. They head to the place, and are horrified to find Wizgiz in the clutches of some kind of tar monster. The Winx transform to fight it, then discovered the hard way that it has the power to take and use their own attack spells back on them. Wizgiz then tells the girls to "fight fire with fire", which Tecna gets an idea about. She uses a spell that absorbs attack spells, so the others use defense spells to deflect the monster's attacks into Tecna's spell. Once collecting enough energy, they shoot it back at the monster, destroying it and flinging Wizgiz away. Bloom quickly catches him, then it turned out the monster was Wizgiz's hat. He actually set the whole thing up as a battle lesson, and they passed. Bloom became shocked at how late it was and quickly returned to Alfea to meet Sky.

Winx Club - Episode 516 (13).jpg

At Alfea's gate, Sky meets up with Bloom and share a moment, but was instantly ruined when an Eraklyon transport comes down and dispenses Diaspro, much to the couple's surprise. She tells Sky to return to the castle immediately, but he defiantly tells her that he does not take orders from her. Diaspro becomes smug and shows him her liaison seal, showing proof that she is acting on Erendor's orders, which Sky hangs his head in defeat as he could not defy that. He apologizes to Bloom that their get-together was ruined like this and reluctantly returns to Eraklyon. Diaspro mockingly tells Bloom goodbye before leaving, delighted that she got to spite Bloom in the process.

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  • In Season 3, Sky said that Diaspro was banished from Eraklyon. But weirdly, she appeared in Eraklyon in this episode.
    • This either possibly means that she was forgiven for her actions or that is a mistake and Rainbow totally forgot her banishment.
  • King Erendor said that Sky was next-in-line for the throne. However, in The Secret of the Lost Kingdom, Sky said that he had his coronation.
    • In Season 4, Sky said he was training to be king. This might mean his father thought Sky needed some training first and retook his place on the throne, or it is another event forgotten by Rainbow.
  • There is apparently a Winx merchandise now since we see posters of Bloom and Flora in their room (captions reading Fire Fairy and Flower Fairy respectively).
  • This is the first time Nereus and Tressa are seen in 3D.
  • It is noted that The Pillar of Light does not need its seal to reactivate it.
    • This might mean that every pillars can be activated by someone with equivalent powers, as Stella and the Pillar of Light. Stella's powers over the sun are equivalent to the pillar's power over light.
  • The alternative title for this episode was titled as "The Sun Shines Again".


  • When Tritannus was swimming away with Icy and his minions, he was holding the Seal of the Pillar of Light but then when camera zones out it disappears.
  • After the Winx transform and go to save WizgizTecna's arm ribbon is pink instead of purple.
  • When Stella uses Light Diamond, her legging's tail fins are missing.


Taking care of you... We may be divorced but we're still family... and you're still my king.

- Luna, when Radius asked why she was here after he fell ill.

I'd do anything for you Tritannus!


Cousin Aisha, you used this sword to free us from my brother's spell. I vow to use this sword to free the Infinite Ocean from all of Tritannus' evil!


I am the Fairy of the Shining Sun and no one is going to put out the lights on my watch! ...Mom, dad. This, is for you!

Stella, when she is restoring the Pillar of Light.

Let us convene a summit of all the kingdoms and together, decide how to battle Tritannus. I offer my castle on Domino as our meeting place.


Bloom, I really wanted us to take this walk together... Because, it's the same walk we took together the first time we were alone.

Sky, remember the past with Bloom.

Actually... You do now. I am the king's special liaison, I speak in his name. And... the king says, 'Come home, now!

Prince Sky's duty calls! Huh-huh! Too bad for you Bloom! ...Bye-byeee!

Diaspro, mocking Bloom when Sky is ordered home.