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The Singing Whales is the nineteenth episode of the fifth season of Winx Club.


Tritannus takes the Seal from the Pillar of Balance. The planets are shaken, and Melody's Singing Whales disappear. In order to restore the Pillar and return the whales, the Winx must fight Icy and Tritannus.


Tritannus' tampering with the Pillars causes planet-wide seaquakes, a sudden attack by Melody's Singing Whales and an unstable existence for all.


As Tritannus and the Trix head for the seal in the Pillar of Balance, The sovereigns from Domino and Andros fail to unite the other sovereigns. Sky and Bloom try to convince King Erendor to join the other realms, but they do not succeed.

The Singing Whales of Melody

Musa hears Riven humming to music and she tells him about the singing whales, whose singing keeps the planet in balance. She thinks about when her family watched the whales together and how the song reminds them of her mother. When she mentions about the day of the singing whales, Riven leaves abruptly and is seen with Kelli. As Kiko and Musa both complain about relationships, she calls her dad at the song wharf to see the singing whales. As Bloom is scared Diaspro is coming between Sky and her, Daphne contacts Bloom and tells her of Tritannus' plan to take the second seal from the pillar of balance.

Tritannus takes the Pillar of Balance

Tritannus knocks down the guard selkies at the Pillar of Balance and takes the second seal. The entire magic dimension begins to shake and Darcy & Stormy get tired of Icy & Tritannus, and try to make them notice them by doing evil. Darcy and Stormy capture the Singing Whales and the Winx head to Melody together to save them. As the Magic Dimension rumbles, the Winx take the Odysey Explorer to Melody and transform before entering the Infinite Ocean to save the Singing Whales.

The selkies and the Winx try to ambush Tritannus and Icy where Icy is hurt. As Tritannus tries to save her, Stella is hurt and Tritannus accidentally throws his trident and grabs it from Aisha. Just as Aisha and Tritannus are about to fight again, Stormy and Darcy ride in on the Singing Whales.

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  • After Tecna, Flora and Musa's attacks on Icy, their whole bodies are in their signature colors:
    • Flora is green
    • Musa is pink
    • Tecna is purple
  • While transforming, Tecna's kick is mirrored.


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