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The Problems of Love is the twentieth episode of the fifth season of Winx Club.


Musa relies on a childhood lullaby to restore harmony in the sea. The Winx must now hone their understanding of the natural world and its creatures to defeat Tritannus.


The Winx must call upon the power of Sirenix to defeat the Singing Whales of Melody. Back at Alfea, Sky and Bloom have a miscommunication.


Musa taming the hypnotized whales

With Darcy's and Stormy's interruption, the Winx's plans to stop Tritannus fails. Tritannus and Icy successfully escape with the seal in hand. Musa uses her special Sirenix power, Voice of Sirenix, to tame the Singing Whales and send them back to Melody. Tritannus activates the second seal, but it also takes away all of his powers again in the process.

Diaspro interferes in Bloom and Sky's relationship.

Bloom is trying to contact Sky and becomes angry and frustrated when Diaspro calls her instead, lying to her that all calls must now go through her. Anxious, Bloom tries calling Sky's cellphone but he does not answer. Kiko draws a picture of him possibly being at a meeting, which is correct. Bloom still thinks she should call him and he does not answer again. This upsets Bloom which causes Flora and Aisha to come check up on her. Bloom's Guardian of Sirenix appears to provide words of advice. She tells Bloom that if she thinks Sky loves her and she loves Sky, she has no reason to be worried about their relationship.

The Guardian advises Bloom.

Aisha is very impressed by how the Guardian handled the situation. Bloom realizes that she is being foolish and that Diaspro is not the problem but she herself. Flora then reminds her of the pendant Sky gifted her as a sign of his love for her. This eases Bloom's worries.


The Winx then go to Alfea's Aviary for their training. A golden eagle soon comes into view, and Bloom yells "watch out!" while she pushes Flora out of the way. They hide behind flowers, that conveniently match their hair. The eagle notices Stella but she moves to hide behind a different bush of flowers.

Later on, Stella gets distracted by a beautiful red flower with blackish accents. She comes up with a dress idea and uses her magic to put it on Flora (whom she had chosen as her muse) while she was trying to feed an eagle.

The Emperor's Throne now has one more seal to activate.

The eagle gets scared and flies away. Stella was about to say something to Flora but then a red eagle comes and scoops her up because she looks like a red flower. The Winx get on the golden eagles and go after her since their diminished powers will not allow them to transform. Stella throws another red flower in the air that breaks into pieces. The red eagle sees it and drops Flora to go get the flower. Stella catches Flora on her eagle and apologizes. Flora accepts her apology by laughing. Then they continue their training.

Stormy and Darcy are determined to get their sister back.

Meanwhile in the Infinite Ocean, Tritannus places the Seal of the Pillar of Balance into the Emperor's Throne. The throne once again, blasts him and he returns to his normal form. He states to Icy that he needs to recharge before stealing the last seal, the Seal of the Pillar of Control. The two lovers head off to do just that. Daphne patiently waits to alert the Winx of Tritannus' next step. Stormy and Darcy were watching the couple in secret as well and it angers Stormy to no end that Icy is choosing Tritannus (whom she refers to as "scrawny loser") over them. Darcy assures her that they will get her back and that the Trix will rise again.

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  • This aired along with "The Singing Whales".
  • This is the first episode of the season where there are no transformation sequences.
  • This is the second time a Winx Club member casts her special Sirenix spell.
  • Aisha or Faragonda's names are not mentioned in this episode.
  • Serena has a speaking role only in the beginning of the episode.
  • This is the fifth time Diaspro causes issues between Bloom and Sky.
  • The alternative title for this episode was "Love Problems".
  • There is a regression of progress in Tecna and Timmy's relationship. In the previous season, they were comfort being in each other's presence without any nervousness and openly displayed public affection. Now, the couple prefers communication through their devices and as stated by Tecna, "We prefer texting. [It is] easier to talk to each other."


  • The Winx (even Musa who is the Fairy of Music) are affected by the noise being made by the Singing Whales. Then when Darcy and Stormy leave, they are no longer affected and did not even seem to bothered anymore as they were able to conjure their magical energy to attack the whales.


Hey there, fairies. Say "hello" to our new pets!

Darcy, presenting the enchanted Singing Whales to the Winx.

Oh, forget Tritannus! [...] We're your sisters!


You've got us. You don't need him!


Okay. Last time I'm saying this, I will never leave Tritannus. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever!


I miss her so much.


Ah, yes. I wish she could be here with us.


I wish that too, Dad. I was thinking that maybe I could use my wish to bring her back to life. But, I know that's not right.


Only one more seal and I will become Emperor of the Infinite Ocean!

I can't believe she keeps choosing that scrawny loser over us.


We've gotta get her back. Then, he'll be nothing. And the Trix will rise again!