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Mythix is the fourteenth episode of the sixth season of Winx Club.


When the Winx rescue student fairies of Tir Na Nog from an attack by the Trix, they prove themselves worthy of receiving magic wands, transforming into Mythix Fairies and entering the Legendarium World.


The Winx head to Tir Na Nog, where Eldora says they can find an item that once belonged to the Legendarium World.


The Winx and Eldora in Bloom's room.

At Bloom's home, Eldora is introduced to Vanessa. She comments that today is an appropriate day to meet Bloom's mother, much to Bloom's confusion. Eldora reminds her that it is in fact Mother's Day right now. She then spells a living magical plant for Vanessa as a gift. Stella then spells some spring season clothes, but it causes sneeze-inducing pollen to fly about. After clearing up the mess, the Winx congregate in Bloom's room to talk with Eldora. Going through her notes, Eldora tells them one of the keys to sealing the Legendarium is getting something that originated from the Legendarium World. She once got word that such a thing was located in Tir Na Nog, but she could not find anything at that point. Aisha comments that maybe now things will be different, since they have a few friends there.

They go off to Tir Na Nog and meet up with Nebula, who had converted Morgana's castle into a school of Fairies.

Tir Na Nog College.

At Cloud Tower, the Trix use their own convergence to condense the power of the schools they've taken over into magical amulets that amplify their powers. Selina asks why she doesn't get one, and Icy simply states her book is enough while hypocritically commenting that "some people can be so greedy".

Mythix Wands.

Back at Morgana's castle, Nebula shows the Winx the Mythix Wands on display in a vault. According to her, seven fairies from the Legendarium World crossed over to the real world and traveled the many worlds of the universe, including Earth. She also mentions that the wands are impossible to hold until a fairy has proven herself before them. Aisha believes they have proven themselves many times from all their battles against the Legendarium monsters. Suddenly, the castle is under attack by the Trix and their newly established team, the Cloud Tower Elite. The Winx and Eldora transform to fight. During the fight, Lazuli and Jade sneak past and enter the castle. Bloom quickly follows them to stop them from getting to the wands and easily dispatches them.

Nebula and the Winx Reunited.

Selina watches from the viewing orb as Acheron is annoyed that the Trix will not share their power with Selina in order to free him. Selina has another alternative in mind that is Bloom's Dragon Flame.

Due to the Trix's new amulets, they were holding their own against the Winx, Eldora, and Nebula. Inside the castle, Bloom gets ambushed by Selina, who entangles her with an ethereal snake. The other fairy students try to fight her off, but get chased off. She then mocks Bloom at their meeting again and asks if she's happy to see her. Bloom tries to talk sense into Selina that Acheron is too dangerous to be set free and to trust in Eldora. Selina retorts that Eldora is dead to her and that Acheron is the only real friend she has before trying to extract the Dragon's Flame. Bloom gets angry and defiantly blasts Selina back to stop her.

Winx Mythix.

Outside, The powered Trix were overwhelming the others until Bloom comes out. Icy then pursues her into the castle, cornering her into the vault where the wands were at. As Icy was about to launch a powerful spell, Bloom realizes the amulet was giving the witches a power boost. Taking a gamble, Bloom shoots the pendant, destroying it. This also causes Darcy and Stormy's pendants to shatter as well. Realizing their power boost was gone, the Trix and their minions retreat like cowards.

In the vault, Nebula thanks the Winx and Eldora for saving Tir Na Nog, Then to their shock, the Wands phase through the glass display to the Winx and Eldora. Tecna states that this definitely meant they have proven themselves as worthy fairies before the wands. The time has come to enter the Legendarium World.

The New Mythix Fairies in the Legendarium World.

Using the Ancestral Wands, The Winx and Eldora attain Mythix forms and enter the Legendarium World. They come across a huge gate, and the spirit of the gate welcomes them. Bloom asks it how to lock the Legendarium. It replies that they must find two certain items that is the Fantasy Emerald and the Silver Spear. With both relics, they will form the Legendarium Key. They can find them with the power of the wands. Bloom suggests going to Alfea to get better understanding of how to use the Wands.

Doorway to the Worlds.

At Alfea, Daphne meets Eldora. Bloom asks if Daphne knows a method to use their wands, and she summons forth a book. Giving instructions, she has the Winx use a tracking spell, which forms a magical

The Winx's Mothers.

hologram of Calavera Island. Eldora elects to go right away, but Faragonda comes in and halts them. First, there was something in the courtyard they all needed to see.

At Alfea's courtyard, a celebration was taking place in honor of Mother's Day. A portal opens up to reveal the mothers of the Winx (excluding Musa's mother), including: Marion, Vanessa, Luna, and Morgana.

Then, the Winx and their mothers were seen dancing at the end of episode.

Major Events

  • Eldora has found the way to lock the Legendarium. Therefore, the Winx and Eldora go to Tir Na Nog.
  • The Winx earn their Mythix powers.
  • The Winx enter the Legendarium world for the first time.
  • The Winx (including Roxy) celebrate Mother's Day.








Spells Used




  • There some first times shown in this episode:
  • The Winx using the Ancestral Wands and transforming into Mythix fairies.
  • The Earth Fairies battling the Trix.
  • The appearance of Tecna's and Flora's mothers, Magnethia and Alyssa, respectively.
  • The appearance of the Mythix transformation.
  • The hearing of the Mythix song.
  • As of this episode the opening has been updated to feature Mythix scenes.
    • This is the second time the opening is updated; the first was in "Sirenix".
    • Unlike in Season 5, the new opening still retains footage from the first Season 6 opening.
  • This episode aired in the US as part of the online magic marathon.
  • This is the third time the TV series celebrated a holiday. The first one is Halloween in "Hallowinx". The second one was in "A Magix Christmas". 
  • They have added another opening credit section which is CGI Art Director which is Vincenzo Nisco.
  • Nebula makes her first appearance since Season 4.
  • This episode is the last episode to aired on Rai 2 and RaiGulp will take over to air the rest of the Winx Club episodes for this season.


  • When the Winx are in the history of magic classroom there are four mistakes.
  • Nebula is not wearing the crown given to her even though she is the new queen of the fairies on Earth.
    • She is also seen at Alfea during the Mother's Day Party and lack her wings.
  • When Nebula confirms the existence in the Legendrium World, her lips are lavender instead of red.
  • When the Winx were transforming in Mythix form, one scene in Bloom's transformation was reversed.
  • In one scene where Bloom is battling with Icy, only six wands are shown. In previous screenshots there were seven wands.
  • When Lockette is watering the plant, her hair clip is missing.
  • In one scene, Bloom's bracelet is missing.
  • In one of the scenes in the Legendarium World, Bloom's lips did not match up to what she was saying.
  • When Aisha uses Morphix Cloud to block Darcy's attack, the beam shot by Darcy was Icy's.
  • The preview clip for the next episode has an unfinished rendering scene of the Winx in the Legendarium World.


Now, now, I may not hail from these parts but I've lived on Earth long enough to know about Mother's Day!


And to lock the book we will need an item that was once part of the Legendarium World. Well, it is complicated but I found a lead in Tome of Fairy History. ... Various enchanted artifacts can be found on Tir Na Nog but I searched the island from top to bottom and ughh, nothing...


No worries! We have friends there who can help us!


Selina, since when did you get so needy? You've got your book. Isn't that enough? Some people are so greedy!

Icy's ironic response when Selina wants a share of the Trix's power.

Winx, what a wonderful surprise! It is such an honor to see you again!

Nebula, happy to reunite with her friends.

Oh Nebula, it's great to be back here!


The legend says that it is impossible to hold them until a fairy has proven herself worthy before the wands.


We have fought against every monster there is; I think we've proven something!

Aisha, recounting their encounters.

I have something else in mind, something even stronger. Bloom's Dragon Flame.

Selina's new plan on freeing Acheron.

Eldora was lame! She just wanted me to follow the rules, she never gave me any real power. But now, thanks to power of the Dragon Flame, I can free Acheron. The only real friend I have!

Selina's reason for freeing Acheron.

Welcome to you, Winx! The new owners of the Ancestral Wands! It is an honor. ... You will need the Legendarium Key. First, you must find the Fantasy Emerald and the Silver Spear. When you find these objects in the real world, you will crossing into the Legendarium World and only with these two items will you be able to magical forge the Legendarium Key.

Doorway to the Worlds's explanation on locking the Legendarium.