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Young Fairies Grow Up is the second episode of the seventh season of Winx Club.


Faragonda is concerned: as each Fairy Animal has a special talent, they need to solve the mystery of the Digmole. The Winx and Roxy receive the Stones of Memories to travel back in time. Only in this way, they will be able to save the Digmoles.


Using the Stones of Memories, the Winx travel back to a time when Digmoles thrived so they can save them from extinction and uncover their secret.


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Mavilla explaining the curriculum to Roxy.

Mavilla thanks the Winx and Roxy for their intervention in the Fairy Animals' exhibition, and asks them if they are from another school. The Winx are hesitant to reply so as to not let Mavilla know they are from Alfea of the future, but Roxy proudly answers by saying they are from a place where all Fairy Animals live free in their natural habitat, insinuating Mavilla's teachings are immoral. Mavilla rebukes her saying that their program is based on the Tome of Nature, a book that contains all there is to know about Fairy Animals.

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  • This episode marks the first appearance of the Hall of Memories, the Stone of Memories and Mavilla.
  • It is revealed in this episode that Faragonda, Griselda and Kalshara were once students at Alfea.
    • Oddly, Griselda is not as old as Faragonda as both were seen at Alfea when Faragonda was only a student.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Roxy's transformation since Season 4.
    • This episode also marks the first appearance of Roxy's re-animated transformation.
  • Originally, this episode along with the first episode was planned to be aired on November 22, 2015 in the US but was moved to November 29, 2015 instead. But later, it was revealed that Season 7 was postponed due to technical issues.
  • The part where Musa uses her Bloomix spell, Infinite Echo is a reused scene from "Acheron." This later reoccurs in "Lost in a Droplet."


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