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Young Fairies Grow Up


Narrator: Faragonda invites the Winx to visit the Alfea Natural Park, created to welcome all the Fairy Animals in the Magic Universe. The Park is protected by a barrier that can be crossed only by those who have fairy magic, but a mysterious bird of prey manages to break through and abduct a Digmole despite the intervention of the Winx.

Scene: Kalshara and Brafilius' Hideout

Kalshara: At last, my life long goal will soon be in reach. Now, these animals may seem harmless or even useless, but I shall turn them into a mighty army that is mine to command. 

  • Brafilius sits down and puts his hands on his face*

Kalshara: But to do this, I must have the Fairy Animal's Ultimate Power.

  • Brafilius yawns and scatches himself

Kalshara: The secret of this power was entrusted to the Digmoles, and that is the last living Digmole. I have to make it talk! Brafilius: Sure thing, Kalshara. I'll bring it to you. 

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