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BlFaraSt - Ep724
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The Magic Stones is the fifteenth episode of the seventh season of Winx Club.


The Dragons are getting weaker and weaker, because the fire of Pyros has been absorbed by the Vampire of Fire. Kalshara could call it back, but she demands to be let go in exchange. The Winx don't believe her words, so they transform into Tynix fairies.


To bring the magic fire back to Pyros, the Winx use their Tynix powers to enter the MiniWorld of Precious Stones together with their Fairy Animals.


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Major Events

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Spells Used




  • This episode marks the first appearance of Maia since Season 3 but only in Bloom's flashback.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Bloom's Winx form since Season 3 but only in Bloom's flashback.
  • In the Italian dub, a new part of the lyrics of the Tynix Song was heard while in the English dub, there was none.
  • After the Winx and their Fairy Animals return back from the MiniWorld of Precious Stones, the Winx and their Fairy Animals appears to be in their Tynix forms even though Tynix is only available to the MiniWorlds.


  • In one scene, Stella's wings are purple instead of pink.
  • In one scene, Tecna's wings are light green instead of purple.
  • In one scene, Flora's wings are light purple instead of green.
  • After Aisha attacks the Vampire of Fire with her spell, Aisha incorrectly refer Tynix as Tinix.
  • Elas' horn appears to be orange even though his horn has been turned into silver.


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