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Night of the Stars is the first episode of the eighth season of Winx Club.


During the night of the shooting stars, the Winx make acquaintance with Twinkly, a Lumen coming from space. The Winx save her from the attack of mysterious creatures called staryummy, who invade Alfea, and help her recover her memory. Twinkly remembers her mission and offers to lead the Winx to Lumenia, in order to meet Dorana, queen of all the Stars.


The Alfea fairies watch the shooting stars. In space, a new character is seen getting chased by some monsters. The Winx notice a shooting star land a short distance from Alfea and go to investigate. The notice the new character is what they witnessed. Stella recognizes the sleeping creature as a Lumen from the star that lights Solaria. The girls decide to bring the creature back to Alfea, much to the chagrin of a character who watches the girls from the shadows, who tried to prevent her from reaching the girls. The Winx introduce it to the headmistress, who ponders the reason for her trip to Alfea.

In the morning, the Lumen wakes up to see Kiko, who gets frightened over his appearance and starts throwing books at him, causing a ruckus that wakes the Winx. The Lumen tries to hide in Jasmine flowers though is revealed by Flora. She then flies around more, bumping into a disoriented Stella.

The fairies hold a concert for the Alfea fairies in dedication to Twinkly, but get quickly interrupted as the myserteous assailants make an appearance at Alfea, triggering the return of Twinkly's memories.

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Major Events

  • Twinkly arrives at Alfea.
  • The Winx meet Twinkly and discovers she is a Lumen that comes from Lumenia.
  • The Winx perform their first concert at Alfea dedicated to their new friend, Twinkly.
  • Twinkly reveals that she is the messenger of Lumenia and has come to Alfea under Queen Dorana's call for help.





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  • This episode along with the second episode premiered at the International Rome film Festival on October 20, 2018 to celebrate the Winx's 15th anniversary.
    • However, only snippets of the episode were shown due to the season's animation still being animated by the time of its premiere.
  • This episode was released on the Italian YouTube Channel on April 9, 2019 as a preview for its official premiere on April 15, 2019.
    • It was also released on RaiPlay and RaiPlay Yoyo along with the second and third episode.
  • The title card and narrator theme remain unchanged in this season.
  • In the Italian dub:
    • Bloom now narrates the recap/preview for the previous/next episodes whereas in the previous season, it is narrated by Faragonda.
  • This episode marks the reanimated version of the Butterflix transformation in the new art style.
    • The end of transformation also includes a new group pose.
      • As of this episode, Musa is the only Winx to have one bracelet in her Butterflix form.
  • This episode reveals that Alfea and Red Fountain have a new makeover.
  • This is the first episode to be animated in the modern flash animation style.
    • The character's outline return to black, just like in the first four seasons, instead of being colored.
  • This marks Knut's first appearance since "The Fairy and the Beast".
  • The Winx are seen wearing their pajamas from Season 6 rather than the ones from Season 7.
  • In the English dub, Emily Cramer, Brittany Pressley, Elinor Vanderburg, and Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld replaces Haven Paschall, Eileen Stevens, Alysha Deslorieux, and Kate Bristol as the voice of Bloom, Flora, Aisha, and Musa respectively as of this episode.
  • Aisha is referred as the "Fairy of the Waves" in this episode instead of "Fairy of Waves".

Easter Eggs

  • The eye opening scene in the opening resembles the ones from the first three season's opening of Winx Club.
    • Kiko looking through the astroscope is also another reference to the first three season's opening of Winx Club.
  • The Winx finding Twinkly in the Alfea's forest and Kiko hiding behind Bloom is a reference of how Bloom met Stella in the pilot episode.
  • The Winx sitting at the Alfea Courtyard could be a reference to the older seasons where the Winx usually hang out during outside of classes.
  • The Winx performing at the Alfea Courtyard is a reference to the World of Winx concerts specially in the finale of the Season 2 where Flora and Stella are playing the guitar together.
  • In the same scene, Carol can be seen clapping her hands just like how Flora does in her Butterflix dance sequences.
  • The new Alfea design especially the logo is a reference to Season 7's design of Alfea in the past.
  • Bloom getting hit by Starchomp is a reference of her getting hit by the Wild Magic monster in "Mission in the Jungle".
  • The Winx cheering after Starchomp's defeat is a reference to the last episode of World of Winx after Tinkerbell restored the World of Dreams where Aisha, Stella, and Tecna are hugging each other. However, in this case, it is Aisha, Musa, and Tecna hugging each other.
  • The ending theme for the season bears some resemblance to the fourth season's ending where the character's silhouette are shown.


  • Throughout the episode, Lexi's bracelet appears and disappears in some scenes.
  • When Tecna and Timmy were trying to restore Twinkly's memories, Tecna's bracelet was missing twice.
  • When the Winx were at the Alfea courtyard, Bloom's bracelet was missing.
  • When the Winx were preparing for the concert, the star on Stella's gloves was incorrectly colored as green instead of orange.
  • When the Winx were performing on stage:
    • Aisha's hand is colored incorrectly in one scene and her gloves are Stella's instead of hers.
    • Later, while playing the drums, the star on Aisha's gloves are missing.
    • When Bloom was singing, the star on her gloves was incorrectly colored as orange and pink instead of blue.
  • In one scene, Lorie's appears to have a bracelet which is not part of her attire.
  • When the Staryummies started to combined as Starchomp, the star on Bloom's gloves are missing.
  • While the Winx are fighting the Starchomp, a "303" was see on the screen. However, this error was fixed in the later version of the episode.
  • When the Winx were at Faragonda's office, Stella's bracelet was missing.
  • All of the specialists have missing gloves in one scene.
  • In the Butterflix transformation:
    • For Bloom:
      • Her background has lighting errors.
      • She gains an extra eyelash when her eye-shadow appears, despite having it in the scene prior.
    • For Tecna:
      • She has missing hair during her sequence.
      • During the transition, Tecna can be seen layered under herself.
      • Her wings also flutter incorrectly for a brief moment.
      • The butterfly effects are also missing.
    • For Flora:
      • Her left eyebrow and lashes are improperly layered over her bangs.
      • When she rotates, a lock of hair vanishes.
    • For Aisha:
      • Her lashes and left eye-brow is improperly layered over her bangs.
      • the lighting and width of the outlines in Aisha's sequence changes drastically during the transition.
      • After her transition, the shading and vfx are improperly cut-off and her eyelashes are badly drawn.
      • When Aisha rotates, the bodice of her dress cuts her arm. This also happens with its outline twice.
      • The background of her transformation freezes for a few frames.
    • For Stella:
      • In the opening of the sequence, she jumps back and forth.
      • Her eyelashes are improperly drawn during the transition.
      • Her headband is layered over her bangs.
      • The outline of her dress changes from light-yellow to black during the sequence
      • Her wings are detached from her body after forming, and do not move in sync.
    • These errors also occur in the next episode which features the sequence.
  • The Outlines of the butterflix dresses constantly shifts between coloured-outlines to black.
  • For the most part, the Winx do not wear the revised spool heels, instead wearing the stilettos from season 7.
    • These errors also occur in the next episode which features Butterflix


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