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A Kingdom of Lumens is the second episode of the eighth season of Winx Club.


The Winx, accompanied by Twinkly, have reached on Lumenia. Here, Queen Dorana explains to them that the stars of the Magic Universe are in danger. While the Winx discover what has dried up one of Lumenia's Rivers of Light, Obscurum and the staryummies attack the core of the star.


Twinkly wakes up, excited to return to her homeward of Lumenia. The Winx are seen going around their dorm rooms packing essentials for their journey and making final preparations. Bloom texts Sky to let him know about the trip, Flora settles the watering of her plants, Musa jams out to loud rock music, which unfortunately disrupts Tecna, Aisha simply dumps a drawer of clothing while Stella brings along everything in her walk-in closet. Outside Bloom receives a message from Sky about a surprise waiting for the Winx at Red Fountain, so they proceed to the school to check out the surprise. The girls chat with their boyfriends before Sky reveals the surprise: Riven's return. Much to their surprise however, Musa lashes out at Riven for his lack of contact with them. Bloom chastises Sky for the lack of warning, before Flora attempts to cut the tension by refocusing on the mission. The specialists offer their assistance, though Aisha quickly dismisses them, referencing their surprise.

Back at Alfea, Twinkly fins the Winx, who originally couldn't find the girls anywhere due to their impromptu trip. and gives them new space suits to traverse the stars with before leading them to Lumenia. The Winx land on Lumenia and introduce themselves to the Lumens, who get frightened and hide away much to Stella's surprise. Queen Dorana arrives and explains to them that their Lumens tend to be sheepish, but are very amicable when they've had their trust gained, and introduces herself to the girls. She explains the situation of stars dying out, and she fears Lumenia could come under fire soon despite the star presently being in perfect health. She also tasks the Winx with investigating the reason for the yellow light river being unable to reach her palace, due to it being a potential threat to her powers which come from those rivers. The Winx agree and transform to follow the path.

At the palace, Queen Dorana is seen on the floor, in pain. She explains that Lumenia's core is getting attacked, and Bloom connects the dots to realize Obscurum was behind the assault, and the rivers were just used as a diversion. Queen Dorana grants the Winx the Cosmix power to empower them to save the stars. At the core, Obscurum is seen with his staryummies draining the star core.

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Major Events




  • Lumenia
  • Core of Lumenia
  • Lumenia's Rivers of Light
  • Dorana's Palace



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  • A clip of the episode was shown at the Brand Licensing Europe, in London, UK on October 9, 2018.
  • This episode along with the first episode was premiered at the International Rome film Festival on October 20, 2018 to celebrate the Winx's 15th anniversary.
    • However, only snippets of the episode was shown due to the season's animation still being animated by the time of its premiere.
      • Besides that, the dialogues for the episode is different than final version where the voice actors redubbed it again while in the prototype version had some voice actors substituting for Flora, Aisha, and Riven.
  • This episode was released on RaiPlay and RaiPlay Yoyo along with the first and third episode as a preview for its official premiere on April 15, 2019.
  • This marks the final appearance of the Butterflix transformation and its final hearing of the song.
  • This marks the first appearance of the Cosmix transformation and its hearing of the song.
  • This episode marks Valtor's and Riven's first appearance since "A New Beginning" and "The Anthem" respectively.
  • The song Musa listens on her headphone is the Mythix transformation song, The Legendarium World of Mythix.
  • The font color used for this episode and next episode's title card is different from the other episodes in the English version where it is in pink rather than being white.

Easter Eggs

  • A poster of Bloom and Flora in their Season 5 attire can be seen in their dorm room.
  • When the Winx are flying to Lumenia, several references can been seen which is:
    • The Winx flying in the same style as in "The Emperor's Throne" after they transform into Sirenix fairies.
    • At same time, the Winx flying in one line is similar to in "Inspiration of Sirenix" where the Winx are flying around in their Sirenix forms during Daphne's welcome back party.
  • The Lumenia's light rivers bears some resemblance to the Rainbow MiniWorld.
  • During the Cosmix transformation, several references from the older transformations are made which is:
    • Bloom's final pose resembles a Winx stock art of hers.
    • Musa crossing her hands when transforming is a reference to her original Winx transformation from the first three seasons.
    • Aisha's transformation sequences starting from her shoes right up to her clothes is a reference to her Believix transformation.
    • Tecna making her acrobatic move in her transformation is a reference to her Magic Charmix transformation in the Specials.
    • Flora having two final poses references her Enchantix sequence having two final poses
  • During the Cosmix transformation, several references to Sailor Moon are made which is:
    • Part of Bloom's transformation resembles 90's Moon Crystal Power, make up
    • Part of Stella's sequence resembles 2014 Moon Prism Power, make up
    • Part of Flora's sequence resembles 2014 Venus Planet Power, make up


  • In one scene, Bloom's eye shadow in her Butterflix form is purple instead of light blue.
  • In a couple of scenes, Aisha's bangs are partially transparent, revealing her forehead.
  • Tecna has a different background in her final pose during the Cosmix transformation.
    • However, this issue has been corrected when the episode officially aired on Rai YoYo.
  • During the Cosmix sequence,
    • Bloom's right eye closes slightly after winking.
    • Flora appears very abruptly after twirling and having her shoes appear.
      • her leggings are also improperly cut-off before her shoes appear.
      • Her blush disappears after moving away from the screen.
      • her hair does not move after posing.
    • When Aisha rotates, her outfit is already fully formed before the sparkles appear.
      • Her lower right legging is lighter than it should be.
    • Stella's right eyebrow is visible under her hair in the opening.
      • In addition, part her right glove is improperly keyed-out and her left glove has a missing gradient when rotating.
      • Her hands are not keyed out when she rotates as well.
      • When her skirt forms, there is a significant amount of empty space near her torso, and her top is visible under her belt.
      • The transition is also improperly done.
    • These errors are present in every episode showcasing this sequence.


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