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Popstars! is the fourth episode of the eighth season of Winx Club.


At Alfea, Sky is preparing a romantic picnic under the stars for Bloom. But his surprise completely interrupted, because the Specialists have another mission. The Winx themselves also have to leave for a new mission: they will have to save Peripla, the star-ship, from Obscurum and the Staryummies, posing as intergalactic popstars. Meanwhile, Valtor creates a black hole, with which he intends to suck the Specialists' spaceship.


Aisha stops Musa from spoiling the surprise.

Obscurum brings staryummies to Peripla through the vents of the starship as it flies across the Magic Dimension.

At Alfea, Bloom is over the moon about Sky's arrival and surprise, while Tecna and Stella lend her a listening ear, clearly in the know about his surprise. She tries to run out of the dorm to see it, though is stopped by Aisha, Musa and Flora. Aisha elbows Musa, who nearly lets on the surprise when stopping her. Bloom starts texting Sky as Tecna walks her off. Stella asks about the hold up, to which the rest of the girls explain the situation, while Bloom grows impatient. Tecna suggests that they continue what they have been doing, though Flora explains that Sky is already getting help from Knut and Kiko, which does not qualm Stella's concerns.

The Specialists have a new mission.

At the Alfea courtyard, Sky sets up the picnic, though is hindered by a fighting Knut and Kiko. Aisha, Musa and Flora arrive at the scene to witness the commotion, and offer help, to which Sky declines. The girls walk off, though are stopped by Sky who reluctantly accepts the help, finding it difficult to set up despite all the escapades he has been on, and the big responsibilities he has had. The girls comfort him, and offer their help. Aisha and Musa's help also does not seem to improve the situation much. Though Flora comforts him, and manages to salvage the situation. Sky thanks them for their help, though mostly Flora, which disappoints Musa and Aisha. Just then, a Red Fountain airship with the Specialists arrive. Brandon calls Sky to go on an urgent mission, to which Sky has no choice but to accept. Flora asks about the surprise, though Sky dismisses the concerns, saying that Bloom will understand, which she does not as seen in the next shot, with her pacing up and down the dorm and shouting as soon as she hears the news. Bloom is disappointed by the news, who simply wished for more time with her boyfriend. Stella comforts her, saying her friends will always be there for them, to which Tecna agrees.

The lumens of Peripla are stressed out due to the ruby thief.

At Valtor's palace, Valtor is seen communicating with Obscurum about the plan to capture star energy from Peripla through a vision to attain his goals. Obscurum finishes his sentence in a mocking tone, though instantly realizes his mistake, and Valtor's eyes glow as he questions his tone. Obscurum pacifies Valtor before being told to get out of his line of vision, and to ensure the plan follows through successfully.

The Specialists chasing after the ruby thief.

Back at Alfea's courtyard, Bloom is still worried about Sky, who by nighttime still has not texted her. Stella and Flora comfort her, but are interrupted by a hurried Twinkly, who surprises them with holomap of the entire Magic Dimension, to let them stay one step ahead of Valtor. The map allows them to see stars currently attacked by Valtor, signified by a red dot on the map. Just then, a moving star glows red, alerting the Winx who proceed to defend the star, led by Twinkly. They land on the glowing spaceship. And Twinkly warns them that they must not scare the lumens to which Bloom agrees. Musa comes up with an idea to disguise themselves as a band: Popstars!. Twinkly introduces the Winx under this alias, and what they are about to perform. The starship's Lumens have not heard of the concept of music, and Twinkly explains, exciting the captain. Bloom notices the core, and the captain explains how it functions.

A happy and full Starchomp.

The Red Fountain Owl approaches Peripla, which is noticed by the Lumens who acknowledge it as a non-hostile and prepare to welcome it. Sky makes a connection with Peripla's communicators, which is responded to by the captain. Sky introduces themselves as the Specialists, and let them know of a ruby thief who was reported to be within the vicinity of their star, and their lack of familiarity of the area meant that they would be trailing their ship. Bloom then confronts Sky about his secret mission. The captain is concerned by the ruby thief, as it could have devastating consequences on their star. Bloom assures her that the specialists are capable of diffusing the situation. Tecna and Aisha also remind her that they need to keep their eyes peeled for staryummies and Obscurum. All this concerns the crew, though it does not last long as they start their concert, as introduced by Twinkly. Obscurum notices the concert from the vents, and tells the staryummies to be cautious, as the music can force their bodies outside of their will, though noties the staryumies already bouncing to the music, much to Obscurum's dismay, as it could mean exposure. Obscurum gets overwhelmed by the music himself, and decides to follow Valtor's advice to use the situation to his advantage. He forms a plan to have a few staryummies cause havoc on the ship, to lure the Winx away from the core which will be vulnerable to attack. Though the staryummies are confused at first, Obscurum's impatience forces them to leave and follow through. The Winx notice the sounds, and get successfully lured away. They transform to investigate, and Stella notices the staryummies, and captures them. Tecna wonders why they are not at the core, which causes Bloom to figure out the trap.

The thief arrives on Peripla.

Obscurum notices that his plan has been successful, and proceeds to attack the Lumens with his Starchomps, commanding them to employ distasteful music, causing the Lumens to flee. The Winx hear this and criticisms the music, hurrying towards the star core. The Lumens guarding the core attempt to defend the core, though are driven away by the music, giving the starchomps an opportunity to absorb the star energy. The starchomps fight each other for the opportunity. The Specialists pursue the ship of the ruby thief, locking it in a tractor beam, though the ruby thief retaliates by releasing a slew of explosives at them. They let go of the ship and clear away the explosives, though have difficulty navigating through a asteroid belt. They get out of the area, though the ship turns around and employs a magical smokescreen, vanishing from sight, irritating and confusing the Specialists.

The Starchomps make good progress on draining the star core, causing the ship to stop and run out of light, which causes the Specialists' map to no longer reflect Peripla as a star, though it is the least of their concerns as they are nearly sucked in by a black hole. The Winx get to the core, though are too late as the magic had already been drained. Though the Winx unleash a flurry of attacks at Obscurum and the Starchomps. Just as they are about to finish off the enemies, Sky contact Peripla and lets them know of their situation, which distracts the Winx long enough for the opponents to flee, much to Obscurum's delight. The Winx focus their attention on reviving the starcore, and the Specilaists redirect power from their weapons and shields to the engines so they can get to the starship. Though risky, they ended up successful, though their ship is in bad condition, and loose track of the ruby thief, who is seen landing on Peripla.

Major Events

  • Sky sets up a picnic under the starry night for Bloom at Alfea but is interrupted by an emergency top secret mission to deal with.
  • Twinkly gains the power the project a holomap to anticipate attacks by Valtor's staryummies.
  • The Winx and Twinkly arrive at Peripla under the disguise as intergalactic pop stars and learns about the Core of Peripla.
  • Obscurum plans an attack at Peripla.
  • By using the Winx's instruments, Obscurum steals the light of Peripla from the Core of Peripla.
    • At the same time, the Specialists nearly get sucked into a black hole.
  • With their Cosmix powers, the Winx tries to restore the Core of Peripla while the Specialists manage to get out from the black hole. Meanwhile, a mysterious person lands on Peripla.



  • Peripla's Lumens
  • Unnamed Captain
  • Orion


  • Musical Food



Spells Used


Theme Songs

Insert Songs

Transformation Songs

Background Music



  • The episode title in the English dub was originally titled as "Popstar!".
  • This marks the first time where the Winx transform without saying the phrase, "Magic Winx, Cosmix" as they previously did in the previous episodes as well as not saying their power lines.
  • The Cosmix theme song seems to have a different instrumental/beat to the song in this episode.

Easter Eggs

  • A poster of Bloom in her Season 5 attire can be seen in her dorm room.
    • At the same scene, she also have her Enchantix wings seen hanging around her room.


  • Despite Alfea was shown to be at dawn time, it appears to be daytime when Sky is preparing the picnic for Bloom.
  • While hearing Sky's speech, Flora's skin tone is colored incorrectly at one point of the scene.
  • In one scene, Stella's bangs are completely opaque.
  • In one scene, Sky's uniform has no gloves.
  • In one scene, Bloom's Cosmix is of a lighter color than usual.


Sky's setting up a picnic. How hard can that be??


Guys. They have a way of complicating everything!


I'm Prince of Erakylon, leader of the Specialists, I've traveled the stars, piloted spaceships, defeated hundreds of monsters but nothing could've prepared me for this! A picnic under the stars... And I totally blew it.


Peripla moves from one galaxy to another, lighting the way for traveling spacecrafts!

Owl to Peripla, do you read me? ... This is the Specialists, we're on the trail of a ruby thief and we believe he is in the vicinity of your star. We aren't familiar with this area of space, we'll have to follow your light!

Sky, requesting assistance from the Captain of Peripla.

Peripla will return to shine, right now! Focus your power on the core!

Bloom, redirecting the importance of the star core.

But then Obscurum will escape!


We have no choice, Aisha. Let him go!

Bloom, prioritizing the Specialists' lives over Obscurum's victory.

Reboot power from the weapons in the shield to main engines. We can use our manual overrides! ... It's our only chance otherwise we're lost.

Timmy, directing the Specialists to save them from the black hole.

You saved us, Timmy!

Riven after his team reaches Peripla safely thanks to Timmy's instructions.