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PopStars! is the fourth episode of the eighth season of Winx Club.


At Alfea, Sky is preparing a romantic picnic under the stars for Bloom. But his surprise completely interrupted, because the Winx have to leave for a new mission: they will have to save Peripla, the star-ship, from Obscurum and the Staryummies, posing as intergalactic pop stars. Meanwhile, Valtor creates a black hole, with which he intends to suck the Specialists' spaceship.


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Major Events

  • Sky sets up a picnic under the starry night for Bloom at Alfea but is interrupted by an emergency top secret mission to deal with.
  • The Winx and Twinkly arrive at Peripla under the disguise as intergalactic pop stars and learns about the Core of Peripla.
  • Obscurum plans an attack at Peripla.
  • By using the Winx's instruments, Obscurum steals the light of Peripla from the Core of Peripla.
    • At the same time, the Specialists nearly get sucked into a black hole.
  • With their Cosmix powers, the Winx tries to restore the Core of Peripla while the Specialists manage to get out from the black hole. Meanwhile, a mysterious person lands on Peripla.



  • Peripla's Lumens
  • Unnamed Captain
  • Orion


  • Musical Food



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Minor Characters

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  • The episode title in the English dub was originally titled as "PopStar!".
  • This marks the first time where the Winx transform without saying the phrase, "Magic Winx, Cosmix" as they previously did in the previous episodes as well as not saying their power lines.
  • The Cosmix theme song seems to have a different instrumental/beat to the song in this episode.

Easter Eggs

  • A poster of Bloom in her Season 5 attire can be seen in her dorm room.
    • At the same scene, she also have her Enchantix wings seen hanging around her room.


  • Despite Alfea was shown to be at dawn time, it appears to be daytime when Sky is preparing the picnic for Bloom.
  • While hearing Sky's speech, Flora's skin tone is colored incorrectly at one point of the scene.


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