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Doom of the Lighthouse Star is the sixth episode of the eighth season of Winx Club.


The Winx and Twinkly follow Orion to the star, Iridia. Here they discover that the core has been destroyed, and with their Cosmix powers, they cannot repair it. Twinkly finds her friend, Lumilla and Orion, disappointed by the failure of the Winx, is contacted by Valtor, who offers him a deal: if he helps him to take out the Winx, he will save Prometia, Orion's home planet...


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Major Events

  • The Winx and Twinkly, along with Orion arrive on Iridia.
  • The Winx tries to light up the Core of Iridia but failed due to the extensive damage done to the core.
  • Valtor contacts Orion and offers to help him to relight the Core of Iridia with the request of neutralizing the Winx in return.
  • Twinkly reunites with Lumilla and decides to convince the Lumens to trust the Winx again.
  • Thanks to Orion's plan, the Winx sets off to Prometia in order to save the planet, but was however tricked by one of Orion's plan, leaving the Winx trapped with the exception of both Flora and Stella who manages to escape just in time.






  • Shooting Star
  • Bright Galaxy
  • Stardust Cookies


Major Characters

Recurring Characters

Minor Characters

Spells Used

  • Cosmix Power - Used by the Winx to restore the Core of Iridia but failed.


Theme Songs

Insert Songs

Background Music



  • Similar to the previous episode, this episode does not feature any transformation sequences due to the fact that the Winx were in their Cosmix form since the previous episode.
  • The emojix with Musa's Cosmix has her newest wings design rather than the current one in the show.

Easter Eggs

  • Tecna makes a reference to "A Fairy Animal for Tecna" where she suggests to fix the Core of Iridia with Technomagic.
  • Some of the songs of Huntik (another series of Iginio Straffi) soundtrack plays in this episode.


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