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The Light of Gorgol is the ninth episode of the eighth season of Winx Club.


In the depths of Andros, Aisha must be able to save Nex, who is in grave danger. Meanwhile, the other Winx try to prevent Obscurum and the Staryummies from taking away the light of Gorgol, but unfortunately they are imprisoned inside the star and attacked by some magical anemones. Aisha understands how to calm the anemones and the Winx manage to give light back to the core of Gorgol.


The Winx engage in battle after Obscurum tries to break the core, though the misfired attacks that hit the sides of the cave they are in cause the cave to close them in, traping them while Obscurum and the staryummies escape. Anemones start attacking the Winx, causing everyone but Aisha and Nex to faint. The couple notice Gorgol's Lumens escaping and chase after them. Thanks to the Lumens, they realise that their attacks aggrevated the situation, and what they have expereinced are natural reflexes. Aisha and Nex try to solve the problem, though fail as Aisha instead attacks the cave directly, causing Nex to get stung and faint. Aisha realises that the song the Lumens can sing are required the deactivate the safety mechanisms, and convinces the Lumens to sing it to allow the rest to be freed. The situation deescalates, though the girls still have yet to rekindle the core. Aisha comes up with an idea to surround the core with her Morphix, creating a pocket of air which will allow the Winx to go into Cosmix mode to use their special abilities to restart the core. Outside, They admire the star, which thanks them for restoring its powers.

At Valtor's Palace, Valtor reprimands Obscurum for his failure to defeat the Winx, and sends him to another dimension as a form of torture. After the punishment, he tells Obscurum of his next plan to attack Hypsos, using the Hydra constellation as a tool. Though Obscurum his confused at first, and has concerns about the Winx getting involved once again, Valtor reassures him that all will become clear to both parties.

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Major Events

  • Aisha manages to rescue Nex from Obscurum's attack.
  • Due to their Sirenix powers being ineffective against the Staryummies, Obscurum manages to steal the light of Gorgol's core.
  • While fighting against Obscurum, the Winx got trapped inside of Gorgol, leaving no way to escape.
    • At the same time, the Winx (sans Aisha) and Nex got stung by the Andros' anemones and falls into a deep slumber.
  • With the idea of using the Lumen's music, Aisha manages to free everyone thus opening up Gorgol's entrance.
  • Using their Cosmix powers, the Winx rekindle the Core of Gorgol.
  • Meanwhile, Valtor plans his next attack on Hypsos, a star in the constellation of the Hydra.



  • Andros' Anemones



Major Characters

Recurring Characters

Minor Characters

Spells Used

  • Morphix Barricade - Used by Aisha to defend Nex and herself.
  • Light Diamond - Used by Stella against the Staryummies but failed.
  • Lotus Flower - Used by Flora against the Staryummies but failed.
  • Sirenix Protection - Used by Bloom to defend the core of Gorgol.
  • Spring Banner - Used by Flora along with Tecna's Logic Net to defend the core of Gorgol.
  • Logic Net - Used by Tecna along with Flora's Spring Banner to defend the core of Gorgol.
  • Neptune's Sting - Used by Aisha against the rock but failed.
  • Digital Strike - Used by Tecna against the Andros' anemones.
  • Morphix - Used by Aisha to create a barrier around the Core of Gorgol.
  • Cosmix Power - Used by the Winx to restore the Core of Gorgol.


Theme Songs

Transformation Songs

Insert Songs

Background Music

  • Valtor's Theme
  • Lumen's Song



  • This is the first episode in the season where the transformation phrase "Winx Cosmix" was used.

Easter Eggs

  • The Winx (sans Aisha) and Nex getting put into sleep by the anemones is probably a reference to the third movie where the Winx were put into a coma in the Oblivion.
  • Bloom calling out the transformation phrase "Winx Cosmix" is a reference to the older seasons where the Winx usually call out their transformation phrase "Winx Enchantix" and "Winx Believix" respectively.


  • In one scene, Stella has Flora's wings in her Sirenix form.


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