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Treasures of Syderia is the eleventh episode of the eighth season of Winx Club.


Valtor and Obscurum intend to attack a new star, Syderia, and to do so, they decided to adopt a different strategy: deception. When the Winx come to the rescue of Syderia, they discover that the Lumens that inhabit it are convinced that the fairies came to steal the treasure of their star. After discovering that in the subsoil of Syderia there is a mountain of crystal, the Winx make it shine with their Cosmix powers. Bloom has the idea of bringing a crystal fragment to Orion to make him build new core for the dying stars.


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Major Events

  • After their previous argument, Flora and Helia reconcile.
  • Using a different strategy, Obscurum uses the Syderian legend to make the Syderia Lumens turn against the Winx.
  • Discovering that Syderia is in danger, the Winx and Twinkly along with Knut and Kiko heads to Syderia.
  • Under Obscurum's spell, the Syderia Lumens assume the Winx as their enemies and chases after them.
    • Meanwhile, Obscurum steals the light from Syderian core and destroys it.
  • Thanks to Knut and Kiko's distraction, the Winx find the treasures of Syderia and decided to light it up with their Cosmix powers to prove to the Lumens that they are not their enemy.
    • After clearing the misunderstanding, Bloom asks for a fragment of Syderian crystal in order to have Orion to make artificial cores to light up the dying stars.
  • To defeat the Winx once and for all, Valtor decides to target Bloom for his next plan.



  • Syderia Lumens


  • Roses



  • Syderian Crystal


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  • This marks the last Cosmix transformation for the first half of Season 8.

Easter Eggs

  • Flora sending a message to Helia by using a flower is a reference to Season 2, where she previously did the same thing in the aforementioned season.


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