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Valtor's Shadow is the thirteenth episode of the eighth season of Winx Club.


While the Winx try to stop the attack on the Sun, the Specialists have to deal with the two dark giants that are about to attack Gardenia. Meanwhile, Obscurum goes to Lumenia to claim his throne. Valtor tries to take possession of Bloom's Cosmix power, but is rejected by the power itself and sent to the dimension of Limbo. The Winx, thanks to the help of Specialists and Orion, save the Sun and Gardenia. But Valtor is ready to return and free the Trix from their space-time prison!


Valtor continues to threaten Bloom about the situation. On Lumenia, Dorana panics about the current attack on the Sun and Lumenia, feeling helpless. Just then, Obscurum takes over her throne and confronts her, revealing that his original identity was as her brother. Shocked, she tries to reach out to his innermost self, though is quickly shut down.

Orion continues working on the starcores and is contacted by an urgent Tecna who requests for a star core to contain the Sun's light. Orion gives Twinkly the prototype he finished to transport to the girls. On Earth, they attack the civilians, though get defeated quickly by the Specialists.

they continue to engage in combat with the Winx, though Tecna's attacks manage to split them back into their composite Starchomps which retreat into shadow portals. At the same time, the Sun's energy gets released though without it's core. The Winx do their best to contain it's energy so it does not escape, though they struggle to do so. In seeing this along with her parents fearing for their lives, Bloom relinquishes her power to Valtor, though it rejects him and returns itself to her. She coincidentally meets Twinkly, who explains the current situation to the best of her knowledge before getting redirected from the girls to Earth on Bloom's request. She then joins the others to retain the magic until Orion's ship gives them an empty star core prototype to fill with magic. Their plan works, and the Star shines once again.

On Earth, the Dark Giants continue their journey, destroying the off-shore oil rig. Nex and Brandon attempt to use Photon Detonators on them, though they only flinch a little before proceeding to Gardenia Beach. Twinkly gives Sky one of the star core prototypes Orion developed, and uses it successfully against the closer Dark Giant, though the other one continues on its way. It reaches the beach and tries to grab Mike and Vanessa, though the Winx successfully rekindles the core, burning the giant.

Obscurum traps Dorana in a magic bubble, and when Lumens come to Dorana for assistance, Obscurum prepares to attack them. Out of concern for her subjects, she releases a burst of light energy to free herself and reach out to Obscurum's inner heart, which caves in to restore Argen to his original self. Seeing the expression of affection bring back who was once enchanted and lost, the Lumens tell the rest of the Lumens outside the castle to show care and concern for the Staryummies, which works and saves all of the remaining Staryummies from Valtor's control.

On Earth, the fairies and the specialists reunite and continue the celebration of Vanessa's birthday. Valtor, having just expended most of his energy in an attempt to absorb the Cosmix power, realizes that his dark magic is too incompatible to begin with, and decides to free the Trix from Limbo who derives their power from the sparks to force them to help him make his ultimate dream come true.

Major Events

  • While making her decision, Bloom asks how Valtor was able to return when he was defeated in the past. He then reveals that a person from Lumenia summoned him and was later transformed into Obscurum in order to help Valtor with his conquest of absorbing all the star core's energy.
  • Obscurum begins his attack on Lumenia and while confronting Dorana, he is revealed to be Argan, her long lost brother.
  • The Specialists arrive on Gardenia to fend off Valtor's Stargoyles and his Dark Giants.
    • Meanwhile, at the Sun, the Winx (sans Bloom) defeats the Megachomp and tries to contain the Sun's core energy.
  • After being pressured by Valtor, Bloom gives her Cosmix powers to Valtor, but however the power rejected him and he disappears.
  • Bloom regroups with the Winx, trying to contain the Sun's core energy, while the Specialists continues to face off the Dark Giants.
    • With Orion arriving just in time, the Winx manage to restore the Sun's core and bring light back to Earth and thus defeating the Dark Giants just in time.
  • By embracing his brother, Dorana manages to turn Obscurum back to normal. With the Lumens noticing this, they managed to transform the Staryummies back to normal.
  • With Gardenia free from being under attack, the Winx perform a concert on Gardenia.
    • Meanwhile, Valtor decides to free the Trix from their space-time prison, Limbo.




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Easter Eggs

  • The oil rig that appears in this episode is the same one that appeared in "The Spill".
  • The Trix appearing back in their Witch attire is a reference to the first three seasons where they wore these outfits in the aforementioned seasons.


  • Flora's hair goes missing in one scene.


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