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The Wishing Star is the fourteenth episode of the eighth season of Winx Club.


After releasing the Trix from their space-time prison, Valtor asks for the three witches' help to get the Wishing Star. Meanwhile, at Alfea, Twinkly visits the Winx.


The Episode starts off at Alfea at night, with the Winx band holding a concert. After the concert, they interact with the rest of the student body for a bit, signing autographs and taking pictures. They then meet up with the specialists. Bloom enquires about Sky's lack of presence at the meeting, where she finds out thanks to Riven that he had been summoned to to his home realm by his father urgently. Bloom asks if it is something wrong, but finds out from Brandon that it is just because his father wants him to spend more time in the royal court as the crown prince, opposing Sky's personal aspirations to be a proffesional hero.

At the royal palace, we see Sky and his father have an argument about the issue in the Court room, to which Sky storms off, much to the chagrin of his father and the delight of Diaspro, who was spying on the pair from a distance, and hatches a plan in her mind to make Sky her own.

At Alfea, the Winx discuss the events that happened at their first concert in a while. Kiko attempts to imitate the winx's concert (though with little success) with Musa commenting on the fact that Kiko could be the world's first rockstar rabbit. Stella procceds to make comments about the boys, which is notably insensitive to Bloom due to her failed meet up with Sky. The rest attmept to gesture her to stop to no avail, until Musa yells at her and gestures to a sad Bloom. Stella apologizes for the insensitivity, and Bloom accepts it since it is not her fault that she has difficulty meeting Sky. However Aisha considers the possibility that Stella's comments are not the cause of her sadness, and Bloom reveals that it is actually because Sky did not inform her about the meeting prior, and that the have not been communicating recently. Flora reassures Bloom by pointing out that it is just somethings boys do on a regular basis. Stella contridicts this statment, and Musa once again lets Stella know of that insensitivity, to which she apologizes for once again. Musa talks about her experience with Riven and her own lack of communication with each other. Stella interjects, saying that Musa is also being insensitive. Tecna then talks about Timmy also falling off the grid at times, though explains its because he is preoccupied with other things, such as thinking about his projects. Bloom clearly does not feel better, so Flora reassures her that her situation will improve since they have defeated Valtor. Aisha tells Bloom that she can always make a wish on a shooting star.

Following this, Bloom makes her way to Alfea's courtyard to do so, and is surprised by a surprise appearence with Sky which she wished for. Sky apologizes about missing the concert and Bloom accepts the apology and is just happy that he is back. Sky appears distraught about the meeting with his father. Bloom enquires about the meeting but sky refuses to go into detail about it since it ended the same way the conversations about the topic always end in: an argument which does not rech any conclusion. Bloom emphatises with Sky, and Sky wishes that the couple could have more time for them. Bloom gives him the same advice she received from Aisha.

At Valtor's castle, Icy enquires about his motives for freeing the Trix from Limbo. Valtor replies sarcastically, and tells them that they are needed to take the wishing star which he wishes for yet cannot attain due to his power incompatibility. Valtor brands the Trix with his mark to force them to help him, and threatens a return to Limbo should they disobey him, and promise immense power to those who help him, after becoming the strongest sorccerer in the Magic Dimension. Icy expresses interest in this immense power, to which her sisters share the same opinion. The Trix proceed to attempt to capture her after passing by Valtor's Palace.

The Wishing Star notes his palace has not changed much in the last 1000 years and is stopped by the witches. She tries to escape but the trix keep up with her and relentlessly attack. Icy manages to successfully contain her in a block of ice, but the Wishing Star explodes, breaking the cage and splitting into the 7 Prime Stars and Star Case landing on different planets around the Magic Dimension.

On Lumenia, Twinkly is observing the beautiful landscape of the forest, and notices the Star Case. She becomes quickly alarmed by its proximity and gets chased all the way to Queen Dorana's palace, much to the surprise of Onlookers. At the palace, Queen Dorana is conversing with newly crowned King Argan about Life in Lumenia, but the pair are quickly interrupted by Twinkly's yells. Queen Dorana recognises the star case and becomes alarmed. She commands Twinkly to summon the Winx to her palace, and Twinkly makes haste.

Back at Alfea, Bloom and Sky stargaze peacefully, until they are interrupted by a spam of messages sent by Diaspro, showcasing her impatience, and Twinkly's arrival, which takes Bloom away from Sky. Seeing the opportunity, Sky leaves to his spaceship to Answer Diaspro's calls. Diaspro chatises Sky for not picking up, and reveals to Sky that his Father asked her to guide him on a secret mission to find the Lost Lockette of his kingdom, one of the most powerful items in his kingdom, Much to Sky's confusion. Sky tries to discourage her from going with him to no avail. The rest of the specialists arrive on his ship to invite him on a misson, to which Sky declines in favour of his new mission. The specialists try to cheer him up with little success.

The Winx ride their starboards to Lumenia to meet with Queen Dorana and King Argan, who welcome them with open arms. The winx are confused by argan's appearence due to never being properly introduced to him before. They are suprised when Argan reveals his alter-ego to be Obscurum. Queen Dorana reveals to the Winx Twinkly's discovery of the Star Case, which contains the essence of the Wishing Star, which Tecna recognises from one of Faragonda's Cosmo-magic lessons, though the rest do not. Queen Dorana explains the star's presence as signs of a self-defence mechanism from a magical attack, and the existence of the seven prime stars which fill the case, which can be locating by the Star Compass which reisdes inside. Stella tries to open up the star case to obtain the star compass but fails. Bloom suggests to use their Enchantix powers to miniaturize into the Star Case. All the while with Valtor spying from his palace, who sends the Trix to retrieve it as well.

The Winx transform and enter the starcase. They spend a little admiring the inside of the starcase, noting how it is like a music box like the one Musa used to have. The Star Compass reveals itself and Tecna rejoices, though Aisha notes that it was surprsingly easy to attain. A gust of evil wind blows by, and an errie laughter fills the air. The Winx express concern and the Trix reveal themselves. Icy declares to trap the Winx in the Star Case.

Major Events

  • Sky starts his mission with Diaspro across the Magic Dimension
  • The Winx initiate a search for the Star Compass
  • The Winx meet the Trix for the first time since "The Power Of The Fairy Animals"
  • The Winx Meet King Argen for the first time since his reformation





Major Characters

Recurring Characters

Minor Characters

Spells Used



Theme Songs

Transformation Songs

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  • This episode along with the fifteenth episode premiered during the Rainbow Day event at the Giffoni Film Festival on July 23, 2019.
  • This episode marks the return of Diaspro since "Vortex of Flames".
    • Enchantix also makes its return since "A Fairy in Danger"
      • This is also the first time the phrase "Magic Winx, Enchantix" has been used when the Winx transform.
  • The wishing star is revealed to originate from the Dragon Flame and come from the Light Dimension, and pass through the Magic Dimension have thousand years. And it has infinite power to grant the wishes of the one who possess it
  • Altough Valtor's Power originates from the Dragon Flame, his power is not compatible with the star
  • It is revealed that Valtor's Palace has existed for at least a thousand years with little change in that time.
  • It is unknown how the Trix are able to enter the Star case, given that we are not told of any miniatuization abilities that they have

Easter Eggs

  • Tecna's redesigned Enchantix wings now have the lower limbs that were previously present in her original Season 3 planning stages.
  • The Star Case dimension has slight similarities to the Alfea MiniWorld.


  • During the Enchantix transformation sequence,
    • Bloom's space suit has a small hole in it in a frame when she changes her hairstyle
      • When forming her gloves her blue-eyeshadow goes missing, and her gloves have missing effects
    • Musa has Bloom's glove buttons for a few moments before posing
    • Tecna's bangs from her space suit hairstyle lasts too long before vanishing
    • Aisha's bare-foot sandal's curled ends is of a different green than the rest of her shoes
  • Throughout the episode, The winx's Enchantix make-up is very inconsistent
  • in some scenes, Flora has a green aura aound her wings instead of yellow
  • In one scene, Musa has Blue sandals


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