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The Sparx Festival is the sixteenth episode of the eighth season of Winx Club.


Alfea is about to celebrate the Sparx festival, also attended by the students of Cloud Tower. Meanwhile, the Winx discover that the first Prime Star is located in a secret room of their school.


The Winx discuss ideas for their show at the annual Sparx Festival. Aisha suggests an aquatic gymnastics dance contest multiple times due to her excitement of the prospects of such a show. Musa suggests adding music to the display, while Tecna creates a glowing disco ball. Bloom waits for a response from Sky, which Tecna enquires about, but gets interrupted by Stella who suggests a fashion show, and Flora suggests a rare plant show. The two combine their ideas to have Stella wear flora themed clothing and catwalk alongside rare and exotic plants. This ends in failure as the plants eat the red carpet Stella walks on, causing her to fall over, irritating her. Stella tries to chastise the plant, to which Flora defends it. Bloom asks for the girls to pipe down, which causes the Winx to ask about her status. Bloom responds by claiming she is fine, albeit worried about Sky's increasingly long hiatus. Coming soon...

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  • Star of Teamwork


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  • This episode marks the return of Griffin since "Winx Forever".
  • This marks the first hearing of the new Cosmix part in the series.

Easter Eggs

  • Icy has a white fox purse in her disguised form, foreshadowing the reveal of her backstory in "Dyamond on Ice"


  • While climbing the mountains, a piece of Sky's forehead can be seen through his hair
  • During the Winx's concert, Diana can be seen at Alfea despite her being from Gardenia.
  • Bloom's ponytail goes missing in one scene.


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