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Dress Fit for a Queen is the seventeenth episode of the eighth season of Winx Club.


Following the Starcase's instructions, the Winx leave for Solaria, where the second Prime Star of self-confidence is hiding.


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Stella introduces Muppy village to the rest of the Winx, and tells them that she will entertain them in exchange for some of their valuable goods. In the fabric store, Stella tells a joke that unfortunately fails to impress, so Musa takes control of the situation by plays loud music that messes up the Muppies' hair and outfits, humouring them. They hand Stella a scroll of shiny blue fabric which gets passed onto Aisha. In the yarn store, Stella attempts to tell another joke, though instead gets Tecna to create a robot which attempts to juggle but fails, humouring the owner. They hand Stella a box of gold threads which yet again gets passed onto Aisha, much to her irritation. In the jewellery store, Bloom attempts to use her magic to entertain the owner, though the fire magic ends up frightening the owner. Stella notices this and tries to interfere, and a jewellery box falls on her head, making it laugh. It hands her a bag of jewels to thank her, which gets passed on the Aisha once again, much to her dismay. The Winx then leave. The Trix shows themselves afterwards, and while Icy and Darcy express dismay over the prospect of having to entertain the muppies,Stormy suggests waiting for the opportunity to take the Prime Star from the Winx while they do all the hard work.

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  • Star of Confidence


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  • This episode was first accidentally leaked onto the official Winx Club English channel on July 29, 2019, which was on the same day during the fourteenth's episode broadcast in Italy.
  • This episode marks the return of both Luna and Radius since "Stella's Big Party".
  • The lesson taught on the simulation room may be inspired by the Boggarts from Harry Potter series.

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  • In the English dub, when Stella comments how her parents likes flowers and ribbons respectively, Musa's dialogue is missing despite her mouth is seen moving.


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