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Valley of the Flying Unicorns is the eighteenth episode of the eighth season of Winx Club.


To recover the third Prime Star the Winx fly to Monoceros, the home star of the wonderful winged Unicorns. The Winx magically bond with the unicorns.


At Alfea, Professor Palladium teaches a potionology lesson, specialising in Cosmetology, much to Stella's delight. She volunteers to be Palladium's assistant, though is turned down in favour of Bloom, who he sees as more trustworthy. A distracted Bloom is alerted by Tecna, and causes some mishaps.

On the Alfea courtyard, Bloom is questioned by the concerned Winx, suspecting Sky's absence to be the cause, to which she affirms. The Winx attempt to reassure her, though before they can finish, are interrupted by the surprise appearance of Twinkly, who visits them out of a sense of longing. The reunion however does not last long as the Star Case appears, ending the meeting. It tells them to go to Monoceros, the obtain the third Prime Star. Twinkly requests to join the Winx on this mission, and after demonstrating her extensive knowledge on the star, they agree to take her as their guide.

At Valtor's Castle, the villans spy on the Winx, learning of the next Prime Star's location. Valtor sends the Trix on the mission as well. The Trix bicker for a brief moment, though are interrupted by an increasingly impatient Valtor, who instructs them to go.

The Winx arrive on Monoceros, admiring the scenery. Somewhere else on Monoceros, Sky and Diaspro continue their mission, Diaspro struggles to fly using her suit's flight mode, taking the opportunity to flirt with him. Sky ignores her attempts to get close, and ocuses on completing the mission. They land and observe the winged unicorns in their natural habitat. Sky looks upon with wonder, and Diaspro looks on with disgust. Diaspro walks away, though gets frightened by a unicorn, which gets frightened as well. Diaspro bumps into Sky, making disparging remarks regarding the unicorns, with Sky mocking her opinions, and taking off. Sky questions Diaspro about the location of the medallion, which makes Diaspro nervous and takes out her map. She lies and says the map tells her that it is on one of the floating rocks. Sky suggests spliting up, though Diaspro protests against this, coming up with a slew of excuses. Sky then suggests asking for help, pointing to a large group of angry Lumens. A Lumen chastises them about their presence on the rocks. Sky apologizes, and attempts to ask for help finding the medallion, but is interrupted by a haughty Diaspro, who unintentially riles up the Lumens. The Lumens then attack the pair, irritating Diaspro. One of the attacks hit Diaspro's hand, knocking the map out of her hand, revealing what was written on the map: Emojix of Sky and Diaspro together enclosed in a heart. Sky sees this and gets angry. The head Lumen notices this and commands the rest to stop attacking. Sky confronts Diaspro about this, and Diaspro admits that the whole thing was just an act. The head lumens suggest that they punish her, thoguh a tired Sky declines, and suggest that they just return to Eraklyon. Sky flies off. Diaspro accuses the Lumens of foiling her plans, to which the lumens simply kick her map and blow rassberries at her.

The Winx dismount their Winxboards, and try to befriend the amicable unicorns, though unsuccessfully. Bloom then gets the group to refocus in their primary mission. As the Winx discuss their next course of action, the Lumens arrive. They are noticably irritated, and openly discuss offensive measures to drive them off. Twinkly then defends the Winx, and the Lumens notice she is a fellow Lumen from Lumenia. Twinkly explains that the Winx are on a mission with high stakes. The Lumens convene for a brief discussion, and decide to trust the Winx. The head introduces herself as Asteria, and offers assistance. Bloom explains the situation, and she answers accordingly. Aisha attempts to transform and fly after them, though is stopped by Asteria who lets them know that they need the assitance of the winged unicorns. Asteria calls the unicorns to them, and explains that the unicorns are kind, though do not take orders, and do not yet trust the Winx. Though Stella is initially hesitant, Aisha reminds her about the mission. Asteria explains the simple process of approaching a unicorn. They all sucessfully get to mount the unicorns after a shaky start. The unicorns form a magic bond with their respective Winx, giving them new accessories and outfits to reflect this. The Winx head off on their own while twinkly waits for them on the floating islands. Asteria says someone will let them through, but before Tecna may enquire further, the unicorns take off.

Sky criticises Diaspro for the deception, complaining about the entire experience, and being seperated from Bloom. The two get into an argument, but are interrupted by a strong gust of wind. Nearby Lumens go into a frenzy, and the pair are disoriented. A black unicorn appears and charges towards them. The two dodge and land on another island. Sky hides Diaspro for her safety and lures the black unicorn away from her. He does this sucessfully, though gets his suit damaged in the process.

Major Events

  • Sky finds out that Diaspro has been using a red herring on him, and ends the mission that started since "The Wishing Star."
  • The Winx and Trix start their search for the third Prime Star.





Spells Used



Theme Songs

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  • This episode marks the 200th episode of Winx Club.

Easter Eggs



  • In one scene, Stormy's voice has poor audio quality.
  • The branch Bloom steps on, scarring the winged unicorns, disappears in the following shot.


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