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Tower Beyond the Clouds is the nineteenth episode of the eighth season of Winx Club.


Bloom discovers that Sky is on a mission with her ancient rival Diaspro, so she quarrels with him. The two will have to get together and make up, if they want to recover the star.


The Winx ride their winged unicorns towards the horn of the towers. They hear Diaspro's cries for help and check out the scene. Bloom bumps into Diaspro and asks her about her presence on the star. Diaspro tries to deny any significance but is interrupted by the others pointing out the mysterious black winged unicorn attacking a running Sky. The Winx proceed to help Sky, though notice that their unicorns refuse to approach the assailant. Sky trips and falls and starts to dodge attacks launched by the winged unicorn. Aisha suggests ranged attacks by transformation magic, though Flora deems this unnecessary and communicates with the surrounding trees to learn that the attacker is not evil. Bloom suggests letting the unicorns take the reins does just that. The unicorn flies around the black unicorn leaving trails of rainbow light, and the others follow its example, surrounding it in a rainbow of color. This calms the unicorn down. The Winx use their magic to increase the impact of the display, which nullifies the threat.

On the ground, Bloom dismounts and runs towards Sky to check on him. Sky thanks her and reassures her, though reveals that his suit is damaged. Looking towards Tecna, he asks for assistance to repair his suit, which cues in Tecna to agree, fixing it in an instant. Aisha walks over to the black unicorn to reassure it, though the black unicorn responds negatively to her advances. Asteria tells the girls to halt, congratulating them for successfully calming it down though it still does not trust them or the Lumens themselves. Asteria introduces it as Aryo, revealing a tragic backstory: his horn was broken by the person he last trusted. This caused him to be unable to place faith in others. Bloom tries to approach him again, though Aryo quickly backs away. Diaspro calls attention to herself, asking Sky to return home, indirectly revealing to Bloom about the reason for Sky's long absence and her presence on the star, while also causing the rest of the Winx to grow more tense. Aryo quickly approaches Diaspro, clearly taking a liking to her. Aryo offers a ride for Diaspro, and though there was initial hesitation, she accepts, expressing displeasure for the attitudes being shown towards her. She commands Aryo to return her to Eraklyon, and waves goodbye at Sky in a flirtatious together, hinting at possible subsequent missions. Sky thanks the Winx for their assistance, though Musa tells Sky to be cautious as the storms at not yet passed, referring to Bloom.

Sky and Bloom have a tense confrontation, while the Winx leave to investigate some nearby floating rocks in order to leave the couple to sort things out amongst themselves. Sky tries to explain the situation to Bloom. Though the distrust Bloom has in Sky leaves them unable to tackle the issue effectively, so they instead opt to continue the mission, flying off into the clouds. The Trix spy on the Winx, learning bout Bloom's trust issues and plan to use it to their advantage. Th witches cannot help but bicker once again however, though they leave to tail the fairies. Noticing the tension between Bloom and Sky, Flora and Stella try to distract them from their current issues and focus on their surroundings. They fail to accomplish this, but quickly reach their destination as pointed out by Musa, showcaseing to the Winx why the winged unicorns are necessary to reach Horn Tower. Using their magic the unicorns unlock the passageway, though the Trix are able to slip in with them.

The fairies dismount and bid farewell to their ponies as they depart in search of the prime star, though are quickly confronted by an unnatural storm which signals bad news for the girls as Stormy reveals herself. Darcy and Icy emerge to chastise the impulsive witch for ruining the element of surprise as the two groups engage in a full battle.

icy notices the Winx are distracted and proceed to seek out the star, though is blocked by Sky whom she quickly does away with. Bloom notices the danger Sky is in but in her moment of distraction, gets ambushed by Stormy. Sky quickly recovers and tries to capture the Prime Star on his own, but in a burst of light, the two are absorbed into a new dimension along with Bloom who reaches the burst of light at the same time.

In the new dimension, Sky approaches the Prime Star but is trapped by Icy who taps him in a series of ice blades. Icy forces Bloom to choose between saving Sky and the Prime Star, though Sky gets Bloom to go after the Prime Star, pleading with her to believe in him. Bloom relents and attacks Icy, getting the star at the same time much to Icy's dismay. Sky manages to free himself in a burst of light, and the couple exit the dimension. Sky thanks Bloom for her trust, and Bloom thanks Sky as well. They Star Case appears to congratulate Bloom for succeeding as the Prime Star enters the case. The skies clear but Trix appear. Icy tries to attack Bloom but Stella fends her off, and the rest of the girls gather. Flora unlashes an attack to drive them away successfully, and Bloom thanks the Winx for the immaculate timing.

On the ground, The Winx have a concert for the inhabitants of Monoceros, dedicated to all of their friends.

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  • Trix's Theme
  • Specialists' Theme



  • This episode marks Diaspro's final appearance in season 8.

Easter Eggs



  • In one scene, Bloom's ear is visible through her hair.
  • In one scene, Tecna's whole head is visible through her hair.
  • In one scene, the stars on Bloom's gloves are blue.


Yeah... [Aryo]'s not super friendly. Like everyone else on this star.

Stella and her loose lips.