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The Green Heart of Lynphea is the twentieth episode of the eighth season of Winx Club.



The Winx depart to Lynphea, the home world of Flora, where the fourth Prime Star is located. Here, Flora embraces her sister, Miele. Darcy uses her illusions to take on the appearance of Miele and deceive Flora. In this way, she will get her hands on the Prime Star before the Winx.


The Winx leave for Flora's world, Lynphea, where the fourth Prime Star is hiding. Here, Flora catches up with her sister Miele. But Darcy uses her illusions to take the shape of Miele.


Inside the Alfea Greenhouse, the students are studying the discipline of Botany magics. Flora seperates from the class and Aisha follows her as Professor Griselda continues her lecture. Aisha attempts to enchant the flowers to get them to show their essence but fails with the flowers blowing rasberries at her. Griselda notices and asks if Aisha knows why this is the case but Aisha shruggs her shoulders. The rest of the Winx attempt to do so and also fails, all receiving negative responses from the flowers such as water to their face or getting whipped. Griselda lectures them about flowers liking slow paces, and disliking haste, to which Flora agrees. Griselda tells the Winx that do achieve their goal, they must use their heads. The Star Case then abruptly appears. The Star Case gives them a riddle about the fourth Prime Star, hinting it is on Lynphea, Flora's homeworld, much to Flora's delight. She is ecstatic about seeing her little sister once again, who is now a second year at Lynphea college. The Winx are about to leave when Griselda stops them. Flora requests for permission to leave class, and Griselda reluctantly agrees, warning them however that their duties as guardian fairies is not an excuse to neglect their studies. Flora promises better preperation from the Winx in subsequent lessons, and the Winx leave.

At Valtor's Palace, The Trix debate about their strategy to nab the Prime Star, with Stormy preferring a heads-on appoach, Icy questioning her sudden leadership authority, and Darcy hoping to form a plan based on the riddle given by the Star Case. Valtor sends the Trix to Lynphea, telling them that he does not care for how they accomplish their mission, as long as they succeed.

On Lynphea, on their way to The Great Forest, they stop by Flora's house to visit Miele, who is pleasently surprised by their sudden appearence. Miele hopes they would stay but flora declines in favour of their mission, but misunderstands and believes Flora is taking Miele along with her and gets excited. She calls her Ladybug and gets on ready to leave, but Flora clarifies that it was not her intention and states the mission might be dangerous. Miele dismisses this, as she does not believe the forest has anything dangerous, but Flora declines as it was not her intention to bring her for her own safety and Bloom comes to Flora's support. The Star Case suddenly appears, prompting the Winx to move on. Miele looks on, and gets on her ladybug, insisting that she is not a little girl and can handle herself.

The Star Compass leads the Winx to the Green Heart of Lynphea. The Winx ponder about the solution to pass through the Door of Nature, without their magic as use of magic within the Great Forest is not permitted unless special permission is granted by Nature itself. They think about Griselda's advice from earlier, and the riddle from the Star Case whic involves, "using their heads". Tecna ponders about the meaning and Flora explains to observe to the natural world, which causes them to hear the song of the lilings, who make themselves seen. The Lilings start to dance, which causes the Door of Naure to open and they enter. The Winx try to rush in on Aisha's prompt but fail. Flora repeats the song the lilings sang, and tells the Winx to dance to reopen the door. Stella gives them their Flower Ballet outfits and they start to dance amongst the flowers, causing the gate to open. The Trix arrive and Darcy creates illusions of the Winx to repeat the same dance to open the gate.

Inside the gate, the Star Compass points the Winx in the direction of the Green Heart of Lynphea. The Lilings and Winx introduce themselves to each other. The lilings then lead the winx up the stairs and gives them seeds, warning them that nature needs care. The Winx plant their seeds, which quickly bloom into flowers. The Winx observe more of the life of the Lilings on their way up the stairs, arriving at the greenhouse.

In the Great Forest, Miele notices the Trix scheming, clealry trying to sabotage the Winx. A Turnip monster created by Darcy appears at the greenhouse and intimiates everyone but Flora. Aisha tries to attack it but is stopped by Flora, who tells her that nature on Lynphea is not dangerous, and proceeds to ask the creature about its motives but it only tries to attack. Miele appears to warn Flora about the trap. Flora is surprised by her appearence, though the Winx realise they can use magic to neutralise the monster. They transform and engage in a battle, with Flora warning Miele to return home. Miele is angred by Flora's over-protective attitude and storms off, and Flora apologizes for it.

Icy and Stormy mock Darcy's plan, seeing as her monster is quickly overpowered. Darcy dismisses their criticisms, and tells them to distract the Winx while she goes after Miele. Darcy quickly attacks Miele. Bloom's dragon defeats the monster. Aisha hurries the Winx to get the Prime Star before the arrival of the Trix, but Icy and Stormy appear in that instant. Miele's distressed voice rings out, luring Flora away from the group in an effort to save her sister. Aisha tries to call Flora back but to no avail. Bloom notices a missing Darcy and questions it.

In the Great Forest, Flora finds Miele lying against a tree, and explains she was paralyzed by Darcy.

Back at the greenhouse, Icy, Story and the rest of the Winx engage in battle.

Flora explains her paralysis was caused by a temporary dark spell, and reassures her. Miele asks Flora not to leave her alone again, and Flora agrees. The rest of the Winx are at a stalemate. Flora notices and wants to help, but Miele tells Flora to enter the greenhouse while they are preoccupied, telling her to trust her this once. Flora agrees and enters the greenhouse. Miele celebrates and stands up to get the star. Flora is surprised by her sudden ability to stand, to which Miele reveals herself to be a disguised Darcy. Darcy mocks Flora, who asks about her sister, but Darcy does not answer. The actual Miele was put to sleep by her dark magic. Darcy gloats about her achievment, and Flora tries to retrieve the star. The Trix leave through a portal before anything could be done.

Flora apologizes for the mess, but exprsses concern for Miele, who happens to arrive. They reunite and Miele explains what happened. The Winx take Miele home and Flora explains the situation, expressing guilt. Miele claims responsibility for the situation for not taking Flora's advice. Flora commends Miele for her bravery and acknowledges that she is grown-up, though will always remain her little sister.

Miele Gives Flora a rose, making comparisions to them and everyone else. At Alfea, Flora recalls her advice and successfully reveals the essence of the flowers. Griselda asks how she was able to accomplish this, to which Flora simply replies that it was thanks to her sister, and looks at the rose gifted to her.

Major Events


  • Star of Focus



  • The Great Forest
  • The Door of Nature
  • City of Lilings
  • The Green Heart of Lynphea - magic greenhouse which stores seeds for every plant on Lynphea


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  • Most of one of Flora's blonde streaks is darker than it should in one scene
  • Miele is seen on the stairs of their house, but in the first shot showcasing the house, Miele is nowhere to be seen
  • The outlines of Musa's orange underlay constantly alternate between coloured and black.


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