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The Secret of Harmony is the twenty-second episode of the eighth season of Winx Club.


Riven, under the control of Darcy's spell, attacks Musa, but he manages to free himself from the magic thanks to the sincere affection he feels for her, and the two make up.


Musa welcomes Riven into her home, yet he does not budge, After a command from Darcy, Musa gets attacked By a mind-controlled Riven.

At the Dance-off, Bloom faces off against Icy, with the rest of the Winx cheering her on in hopes of attaining the Star Of Harmony, though Tecna expresses concern about the simplicity of this mission. Aisha tries to quelm her concerns, though Tecna continues to remain skeptical. Riven tries to resist Darcy's mind control, and Musa is confused about the sudden aggression. Darcy strengthens her hold on Riven, wit the specialist expressing verbal conflict about attacking Musa, which reveals to Musa the current situation. Dacry compete for control over Riven against Musa attempting to reach out to Riven's inner self. Darcy reveals herself to Musa after being outed, though Riven resists, and the resistence sends out magic waves which drive Darvy away. Musa and Riven joyfully reunite over their feelings towards each other. Musa's father appears and Riven introduces himself to him, though their meeting is quickly interrupted by Darcy. Musa realises the one from before was an illusion once again. Riven instructs Musa to get her father to safety and tries to defend the house.

At the Dance contest, Bloom and Icy continue their competition with everyone else cheering for them. Icy makes a misstep however and is eliminated, thrown off the platform and crashes into Stormy. loom celebrates and Icy attempts to attack Bloom, but is quickly reminded by Galatea that the arena is protected by Magic and no direct attacks were allowed. The Winx celebrate their victory.

Riven proceeds to destory some of Darcy's minions and tells her not to underestimate them. Musa transforms and helps Riven. The defeat of the minions drives Darcy away. Musa and Riven exchanges gazes at each other.

Stormy and Bloom compete in the semi-finals. The Winx express oncern over Stormy's impressive accomplishments, and Aisha tells the Winx to be prepared. They progress from level 3, through the bonus rounds but afterwards Bloom starts to falter and quickly looses from getting stung by the electricity. Bloom gets sent to over her group and crashes into them. She apologizes for loosing and the group reassures her, and makes sure that they do not get intimidated by the loss. Tecna reconsiders the riddle given to them, and considers the concept of collaboration, but Aisha points out that the competition is a one-on-one contest with no collaboration involved, Bloom realises there may be something they missed.

Musa and Riven recount the story of their meeting, though they disagree on the small details. Musa's dad decides to get more ice-cream and leaves the two to talk. Riven discusses with Musa about their inability to agree with each other, and constant arguing. They laugh about it and Riven reveals that he feels at peace and harmony around Musa. Musa mentions that her mother's harp is coincidentally called the Harmony Harp, and starts to play it. Riven proceeds over to the family's Guzheng to play with Musa.

Aisha is pitted against Stormy in the finals, but seeing as Aisha is relentless, Stormy decides to attempt to use underhanded methods to win when she notices she is currently losing. She intimidates Aisha with the revelation that Dacry is not at the competition to go after Musa who also went off on her own, causing Aisha to loose focus and loose. Aisha then gets dumped in a green fluid. Stormy is crowned the winner of the contest to which she celebrates, much to Icy's dismay. As Stormy tried to retrieve the star, it vanished. Tecna realised the Star Case riddle refered to Musa and Riven with the phrase: rough and soothing. AIsha ran over to the group to warn the girls of the potential danger Musa is in.

The Star of Harmony then appears over Musa and Riven after they converse over the wonders of the instruments. Musa realises that the couple's strong feelings towards each other brought the star to them, to which Riven wholeheartedly agrees with. Darcy's minions notice this and informs Darcy, who realises Musa is more useful to them than she originally thought. All three of the trix confront her and Riven, and attack. Riven decides to sacrifice himself to shield Musa after a failed attempt to drive them away. As the Trix are about to attack again, the Winx appear and quickly overpower the witches. The witches quickly surrender having lost their advantage and flee. Bloom uses her Dragon Flame to heal Riven. To celebrate their victory, the Winx decide to hold an evening concert, with Riven as a special guest member of their band.

The following day, Musa and Riven meet up together by the beach, and enjoy each other's company, with the rest of the girls watching from a distance.

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  • Once again, Darcy tries to control Riven with her witchy powers, as she did before during their toxic relationship.
  • This episode marks the return of the solo transformation sequence in the series since "Acheron."
  • This episode marks the restoration of Musa and Riven's romantic relationship after their long breakup in the sixth season's episode "The Anthem".

Easter Eggs



  • When the Winx are observing Musa and Riven being alone together, Aisha's eyes are incorrectly colored as the same as Flora's instead of hers.
  • In a couple of scenes, Musa's forehead is visible beneath her bangs


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