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Between the Earth and the Sea is the twenty-third episode of the eighth season of Winx Club.


The Winx land on Coralya, an island star with a volcano, where the sixth Prime Star is located. To obtain it, Tecna and Aisha have to find the best way to combine their two personalities.


In Professor Palladium's potionology class, Tecna and Aisha are paired together to prepare and elixer in five minuetes, causing them to clash with each other as they both have different opinions on how to produce the final product. Tecna prioritises precision, while Aisha prioritises getting a finished product to showcase. They fail the test after Aisha pours in an entire test tube of liquid and mixes it into to the rest of the misture, causing it to explode in Palladium's face.

In the hallways, Tecna and Aisha argues for their own opinions and priorities, but are interrupted by the sudden appearance of the Star Case. Bloom hops in and grabs the case, and brings everyone to the yard with a cautious eye. In the yard, the Winx find out that the sixth Prime Star is on Coralya, much to the delight of Stella after finding out the star is a tropical star. Bloom rallys the girls to head for Coralya.

In Valtor's Palace, the Trix waste no time preparing to leave for the star, mocking the Winx for their somewhat cae-free attitude (primarily Stella). However, Valtor shoes up, and tells the trix that he will take care of the star personally, after the failure of their last mission, and leaves. Icy is irritated, but is brought down to reality by the others, who remind her of their predicament. Though they proceed to passive-aggresively mock her for not having obtained a star for Valtor, which puts her at a risky position, to which Icy repsonds in a condesending manner, telling them to silence themselves.

The Winx make it to Coralya, and admire the scene they are presented with, and make plans for fun-times after they accomplish their mission. The Star Compass appears, but goes haywire and disappears. Musa realises they must find the star on their own. Aisha suggests searching the seas, while Tecna suggests going further inland, both with reasonable motives, causing them to clash once again. Musa suggests dividing themselves into two groups, which is discourged by Bloom in fear of the Trix. Just then, the Coralian Lumens appear, which beckon them to follow their lead. Bloom suggests an outfit change, and Stella gladly complies, giving them tropical, casual looks to match the scenary.

At the Lumen village, they offer the Winx a seat, and introduce Duchess Coraline, who welcomes them to their island, and offer drinks, amazing the Winx by their hospitality. Coraline then questions their motives for being on the island, and offers help if possible. The Winx explain their mission, though this baffles even the Lumens, who suggest the same locations Tecna and Aisha suggested, causing the pair to clash even more. At this Bloom sees no other choice but to split up temporarily, which delights the pair, though concerns Bloom.

Stella, Bloom and Tecna climb the ountain to reach the volcano, which tires Stella, though the decision is explained by Bloom, which does not help Stella feel better. Tecna then tells the others they will be heading into the volcano, which concerns Stella. By the time they reach the mountain peak, Lava Golems show up and attack the girls, forcing them to transform to defend themselves. Stella is tasked with distracting the golems while the others fly down into the Core of Coralya. Stella succesfully distracts them, though more show up, rendering the plan ineffective. Inside the volcano, Valtor shows up and attacks the Lumens guarding it, and then proceeds to enchant the core. The Lumens try calling for help, though fails as Valtor scares them and nobody hears their cries.

On the beach, Aisha, Musa and Flora do their best to communicate their plan to the crabs, for them to go looking for the star underwater. This fails as the hermit crabs fail to undertsand the item the are looking for. Tecna suddenly shows up, panting as she requests for their assistance. Aisha just then notices a purple shell, though fails to open it. Tecna's magic also fails to open it. The other girls think they are right, and they all repeat the riddle, and realise the location of the star is inbetween the places the two suggested, looking at each other in realization, and share a warm smile. The shell opens, revealing the sixth Prime Star. As it enters the case, it is magically trapped by a metal ball. This alarms the girls, who chase after the fleeting star. Valtor explains the predicament, and thanks the Winx sarcastically. Aisha uses her Morphix the grap the case, but is warned by Valtor that they will have to make a sacrifice. The Winx are confused by this, though quickly realise his meaning when the inactive volcano suddenly erupts. Aisha connects the dots, and is praised by Valtor, who then asks if they will choose the star over saving the Lumens on the island. Tecna tells Aisha that Bloom and Stella will need their assistance, which convinces Aisha to reluctantly give up the star. Valtor leaves with the star, and the rest transform to assist the others.

As they fly over the coral, they realise the volcano has already strted to erupt, which gets Tecna to get Flora and Aisha to save the Lumens first, while she and Musa help Stella and Bloom. At the village, Aisha uses Magic Rain to diffuse flames causes by the extreme heat, and Flora uses vines to get all the inhabitants to higher ground away from the breaking ground. Aisha tells all the Lumens to flee towards the beach, which they gladly comply with. At the Volcano, the girls unite, and attempt to stop further eruption but fail. Tecna theorizes that Valtor was behind the eruption, much to the surprise of the others who have not confronted the wizard. They fly into the volcano, and Tecna uses Cosmix Analysis to find out that Valtor artificially increased the core temperature, overloading it and triggerng the eruption. destabilizing the balance of the volcano through a dark spell. The four girls use their powers to restore the balance, ending the eruption. The Golems reveal themselves to have been protecting the entrapped Lumens, who thank them for saving the star.

At the beach, later on, They reflect on the experience, Aisha disappointed about losing the star that was within their grasp, though Bloom comforting her with the remaining opportunity, and Stella remains optimistic. The Lumens celebrate this victory with music and dancing, with Coraline thanking the girls for saving their star.

On the beach, the Winx and the Lumens rest. Aisha is dissapointed about the loss of the star, being so close to victory. Bloom reassures her and Stella declares that the war will rage on, and Valtor will not win. Duchess Coralia and the lumens thank the Winx for saving their island, and celebrate with music and dancing.

Away from the celebration, Aisha gazes into the sunset, and Tecna walks up to her, talking about the memorable island, and Aisha agrees. The two share a hug.

Valtor teleports back to his palace, and contains the Prime Star in his case. He openly speaks of his goal to become the strongest wizard in the Magic Dimension, and that he and the winx are now tied at three stars each. From a distance, Icy watches him, glaring at him.

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  • This marks the last Cosmix transformation for the second half of Season 8.

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  • In the English dub, when Bloom, Stella and Tecna transform, only Elena's and Aramonte's back vocals of the song can be heard without the lead vocal.
  • In one scene, Tecna's left leg is layered over her skirt.
  • In one scene, Tecna is missing her wings.


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