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Dyamond on Ice is the twenty-fourth episode of the eighth season of Winx Club.


The Winx discover that the seventh Prime Star is located on an icy and inhospitable planet: Dyamond. They promptly leave for Dyamond, where they come across a small white fox.


At Alfea, the class is taking a surprise test about metamorphosis symbiosis, much to the Dismay of the Winx. Professor Wizgiz demonstrates, and though with concerns, the Winx decide to volunteer first. Stella gets scared by a tigeress Flora, which raises the suspicions of professor Wizgiz, who performs a reverse symbiosis spell, revealing Kiko. This disappoints the professor, who assigns the class even more homework.

A souvenir from Dyamond.

At the Winx dorm, the Winx and Kiko confront Stella, who skipped class to try and catch up with her homework. Just then, the Star Case appears to announce the location of the seventh Prime Star on Dyamond, and learn that whoever gains the last star gets them all. The Winx leave for the mission. At Valtor's palace, the Trix spy on the Winx, and hear of their plan. Darcy and Stormy are excited to ambush the Winx, though Icy declines, insisting they stay at the palace and monitor the girls from there. She says the planet is dangerous, and they will take the star from the Winx after they get it. Valtor however commands them to go to the planet, threatening a return to Limbo. Icy stays at the entrance of the palace, urging her sisters to move on first. Icy expresses regret over the state of Dyamond, revealing a souvinior from the planet.

Sky's arrival.

At Alfea, the Winx convene to leave, though are interrupted by a surprise visit from Sky on a deluxe single-seater Crow, wanting to invite Bloom for a date to the movies. Bloom declines in favor of their mission. Sky however decides to follow the girls so he can see her.

On Dyamond the Winx notice the planet in icy ruin, and learn that it was once heavily populated, and are confused by the current state of the planet. Flora tries to communicate with the trees, but fails to do so. A white fox appears and gets pursued by the curious Winx, skillfully navigating through thorny vines in an effort to loose them. The Winx notice this and are confused by this. The Fox starts destroying the surroundings in a last ditch attempt to loose them. The Winx do not get hit, though are unable to follow to fox.

Icy's flashback.

The Trix arrive on Dyamond. Darcy and Stormy express disinterest in the boring planet. Stormy tries to attack the fox for entertainment, but is stopped by a furious Icy, much to Stormy's confusion. The fox notices them, causing Icy to have a flashback to her childhood. Icy and her sister are having some mildly dangerous adventures to a location under a crystal tree, where a fox and her cub rest. The two had fun and hugged before the end of the flashback.

Darcy snaps her out of it for the sake of their mission and they continue.

The frozen waterfall.

The Star Case points towards something but doesnt give a concrete answer. they dismount their inx boards. The fox follows the winx from a distance. the trix see them and want to attack, though Icy refuses. This generates more confusion between the trix, Stormy refuses to loose the opportunity and attacks, causing an avalanche whcih endangers the fox and the winx, much to Icy's anger. Sky arrives and notices the aftermath, and the fox. He saves the fox, much to Icy's fury, who rapidly attacks him and seperates the fox, destroying his ship and sinking Sky. Bloom notices though is unable to save him before getting dragged away by Stella to avoid another attack. Icy with the fox and the rest leave.

Crystal Sirenix.

The Winx transform, noticing their Sirenix has adapted to the cold to protect them. The Crystal Sirenix glow helps illuminate the dark waters, so the Winx dive in after sky to save him.

Major Events

  • Sky falls into the waters.
  • Icy returns to Diamond for the first time in a long time.






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Recurring Characters

Minor Characters

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  • The shot of Sky falling into the frozen waters is reminiscent of Matt falling from Smee's grasp in World of Winx season 2.
  • This episode was released exclusively on the official English Winx Club YouTube channel on December 19, 2019. However, it was later unlisted. 
  • Aisha, Stella and Musa have the same boot designs, with different colour schemes

Easter Eggs

  • The Crystal Sirenix designs themselves echo back to the original Sirenix from Season 5, as well as Lovix and Harmonix


  • During the Crystal Sirenix transformation sequence:
    • Bloom's highlights change from purple to pink between scenes.
      • Her wings are also improperly layered over her hand during her mid-transformation pose.
      • In the same scene, her purple eye-shadow also goes missing.
    • Tecna's glove ornaments change color between scenes.
    • Flora's necklace appears randomly between scenes.
    • Stella's bang's highlights become less saturated in the second scene, and her ponytail's highlights follow-suit in the third scene.
      • Her wings are also under-sized, the hexagonal snowflake design on her chest is missing briefly and her left-leggings does not match her right.
    • Aisha's hair tie changes color between scenes, and her hair is frozen for a few frames in the first scene.
  • Tecna's forehead is visible in the scene that appears after the transformation.
  • There is a line on Bloom's left cheek when diving into the water.
  • Musa's arm is not lit-up by the glow of her wings.
  • Flora's hair is improperly cut and has missing blonde streaks.
    • This error continues into the next episode.
      • If this is an intentional design choice, then its presence in the transformation sequence is an additional error.
  • When diving into the water, the Winx change positions between scenes. The first scene have them dive in the order: Bloom, Stella, Tecna, Aisha, Musa and Flora, but the next scene switches Tecna and Aisha's position.
    • The scene afterwards retain the correct position, except for Aisha and Musa who swap positions.
      • The following scene once again reverts bak to using the incorrect positioning from the second scene.
        • The same scene also has Aisha loose her wings and Crystal Glow by extension.
          • The scene afterwards has Bloom's head's highlights revert to pink when she rotates her head.
            • The following scene switches up their position again, with Stella leaving the group instead of bloom, and Tecna following Stella as well.
  • During the episode recap, the narrator accidentally calls Tecna, Ecna.


Good morning, my esteemed students of Alfea. And nothing rounds out a good morning like a good surprise test.


No way. I'm not prepared at all.


I'm a kitten!


Don't tell me. You got busted.


We'll put together a little surprise for our favourite fairies.


I was hoping to lure them into one of my traps.


I am afraid of nothing.


Amazing. Someone must have built these huge things. But why?


And what happened to them, the people of Dyamond?


I couldn't stand one second more in such a place.