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The White Fox is the twenty-fifth episode of the eighth season of Winx Club.


Icy has frozen Sky, dropping him into an icy lake from the top of a waterfall, so Bloom and the other Winx transform into their Sirenix form to save him.


The Winx are swimming in the waters to save Sky.

Sky finds a pocket of air to breathe and rest, though he notices his leg is injured and cannot walk properly. The water starts to rise however, and his suit's aqua mode is damaged. He tries to climb out but fails due to his injured leg.

Suddenly, the walls around the Winx start to crumble, alarming the Winx. Flora notices a passage which Sky may have traveled to and go after him.

Using her Dragon Flame to heal Sky.

This turns out to be right as they notice a drowning Sky who runs out of air. They save Sky and break out of the cave into open air. Bloom notices he is cold, and uses her Dragon Flame to warm him, re-awaking Sky. Bloom is relieved and questions Sky's presence. Sky explains his desire to be with her, but Bloom dismisses this and questions him about what happened.

Sky tells them about the events that transpired (meeting the fox and getting attacked by Icy). And Bloom tells him to stay, to which Sky protests, though Bloom clarifies her meaning. Tecna repairs his suit for the second time. Bloom tells him to keep a safe distance while following them.

The Shaman Witch appearing.

Icy brings the fox to the tree from her flashback, though now covered in ice, and reminisces her childhood. The flashback continues, though quickly turns into an eerie and ominous one, with a shaman witch and ice golems suddenly appearing and the sky turns dark. The land icing over wherever she went. She questions for the kingdom's castle location, to which Sapphire openly contests and openly introduces herself against Icy's instructions. Irritated, the witch transforms her into the white fox. The witch intimates Icy who introduces herself on command, and reluctantly answers, and the witch proceeds to conquer the kingdom. Icy cries over the current state of events, picking a remaining flower. Icy declares she will break the curse of the Witch, be as brave as her sister, and as the strongest witch of all, will be back to free her. The flashback ends.

Trying to unspell her sister.

Icy tries to transform her sister, and it works for a short moment. When it fails, Icy admits that she is not yet strong enough, and apologizes for returning so quickly, getting her hopes up. Icy promises she will succeed one day. Darcy and Stormy her overhear the fox being labeled a sister, and question it. Icy reminds the girls that they are not real sisters, and that the fox, Sapphire, is her only true sister. Stormy questions the transparency between the witches, and Icy comes clean about her backstory. This makes the others understand Icy's reluctance to come to the planet. Icy lays out a plan, to get new powers from Valtor after they succeed in their mission, and if Valtor does not keep his word, they will challenge him and free themselves from their control. Icy reveals her motives for becoming a witch was for her sister.

Sapphire reveals she knows the location of the star, and leads them to it. They find it, though it sends Icy flying and rejects all magical attempts to retrieve it. Stormy, in her rage tries to destroy the rest of the castle it hid in to get to it, alerting Sky who signals the rest of the Winx. Icy chastises Stormy, and debates with the rest on how to get the star. Icy reveals the magic of the Shaman Witch, but Sapphire goes ahead to retrieve it. The rest are delighted by such, though before they can celebrate, are confronted by the Winx, in which they engage in a full battle. This puts her sister in danger. The Winx flee from Darcy and Stormy who are putting them in danger as Icy tries to convince her sister to get out of the increasingly dangerous situation. Icy decides to take matters into her own hands, and uses her magic to pull back her sister, though with Sapphire's reluctance. Outside, the Winx continue their battle. Icy saves her sister, and the star appears, and goes into the hands of Icy, who demonstrated sisterly love, much to the disappointment of the Winx, who did not get intimidated.

Presumably succeeding.

Still on Dyamond, Icy tries to use the Prime Star to heal her sister. Which also helps free the Trix of their mark. It works for a few moments, and they share a tearful hug that does not last long as she reverts back to her original state. Icy breaks down over this, though she refuses to give up, and expresses interest in reuniting once again and returning.

At Alfea, the Star Case reveals that a winner has yet to be determined, giving the Winx some hope. The Winx debate over future events, and decide not to give up. Bloom announces that they will invade Valtor's palace to retrieve his Prime Stars to win, and that she has a plan.

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  • Star of Sisterly Love


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  • When Icy is about to reach out to Sapphire's hand, she is seen having Darcy's gloves instead of hers.


Where is he? He can't have just disappeared!


Watch out, girls!


A white fox cub?


Don't get used to it.


The truth is... I'm still not strong enough to break the spell of the shaman witch.


All this sadness is making me sick!


Do you really trust Valtor?


Your parties are always so boring. Good thing we're here to lighten things up!


What will Icy do with it?