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Written in the Stars is the twenty-sixth and final episode of the eighth season of Winx Club.


The Winx manage to design a plan to sneak into Valtor's palace. The sorcerer turns into his demon form and attacks the Specialists. Bloom manages to convince Icy to give the Winx their Prime Star.


At Valtor's palace, Valtor is having a meeting with the brothers of the Darkness Dimension, presenting his three Prime Stars, waiting on a fourth from the Trix. The beings of the dark dimension are not convinced, but Valtor reassures them, and further explains their plan. He grows impatient however.

At the Winx's Alfea dorm room, Kiko rocks out and the Trix appear behind him. Kiko notices and becomes afraid, though grows confident enough to attack, keeping the Trix at bay. They try to get him to stop, but fail, and the commotion alerts Bloom, Musa and Tecna, who immediately get defensive. The Trix reveal themselves to be a disguised Stella, Flora and Aisha, much to everyone's surprise. Professor Wizgiz appears at their feet to announce that he is the one who created the spell on request. He is glad to hear the compliments and expressions of gratitude and leaves by flying off as a hummingbird. The Winx prepare themselves for the mission but Bloom receives a sudden call from Sky. Sky tells Bloom to be careful, and reassures her that she will always have back-up from the Specialists. The Star Case appears, ending their call.

Darcy and Stormy listen to Icy's plan

At Valtor's palace, the Trix are about to initiate their plan, though Darcy and Stormy express concern of the plan, and attempt to discourage Icy from going through with their plan. Icy dismisses this, reiterating their advantage. Stormy reiterates that they are free of the magic bond, and questions why they do not simply clear out, and Icy tells them that they are there to take Valtor's three stars, to claim the power all for themselves, and break her kingdom's curse. The others are convinced and start to fantasize about future aspirations such as being undisputed queens of the Magic Dimension, and making worlds of illusions. Icy reminds them to jump the ship should things go awry, and embraces them, and continues moving. They show up in front of Valtor, who initially seems pleased to see them. Icy takes the lead to ease him into the news, which upsets Valtor. Before they can continue, thunder shakes the room. Valtor tells the Trix to investigate.

Attacking Valtor's palace

Outside, Bloom, Tecna and Musa are seen using a spell to shake the castle to lure the Trix out successfully, and they engage in battle. The disguised Winx then enter the castle, though with difficulties maintaining character. They notice Valtor once again communicating and see the unguarded stars. The darkness dimension creatures notice this, alerting Valtor. The Winx pretend to stay in character, making up lame excuses which only infuriate him more. Though the conversation is interrupted by the battle outside reaching into the room. The disguised Winx then reveal themselves. Valtor who remains unfazed, gets Icy to hand over her Star. Stella warns them to do otherwise, revealing Valtor's plan. The Trix defy Valtor, infuriating him and he tries to reveal his mark. He sees that it no longer exists, and Icy explains that it was the star that set them free. Bloom tries to convince Icy to give them the star, and tries to reach out to her, though is attacked by an infuriated Valtor, who tries to convince her otherwise. Both try multiple times until Valtor loses his temper and transforms into demonic form.

Valtor then furiously attacks the Winx, and the Specialists arrive to assist the Winx. The Trix look on from a distance. Darcy and Stormy try to convince ICy to leave, but fail and are confused by this. Icy considers Bloom's arguments, which convinces her to stay. She has another flashback, picking up from where it was previously left off, showing her get her iconic hairstyle. Icy declares that she would not see another kingdom fall if she could help it. The other girls reluctantly follow her. The Trix initially make Valtor think they are on his side, but betray him at the last second. Bloom thanks them for this choice, and with this all seven stars united into the star case, bringing back the Wishing Star. They wish to be able to protect the Magic Dimension, forever. They get their wish granted, and shrouded in golden light. Valtor threatens the Trix with regret, but Icy retorts that he is the one who will be defeated. The Winx converge and blast Valtor into pieces. The Specialists congratulate them and celebrate, while the Trix leave, having nothing left for them. Icy and Bloom exchange friendly glances and separate. The Wishing Star continues her journey, passing by many of the side characters seen from earlier in the season such as the Lumens.

At Alfea, the Winx hold one final night concert to celebrate the harmony and peace that fills the Magic Dimension. At the end of the concert, the Wishing Star creates a new constellation: the Winx constellation.

Major Events

  • Valtor is defeated for good.
  • The Wishing Star has been brought back.
  • The Winx constellation forms in the sky.



  • Brothers of the Darkness Dimension


  • Darkness Dimension


Major Characters

Recurring Characters

Minor Characters

Spells Used


Theme Songs

Insert Songs

Background Music



  • This episode was released exclusively on the official English Winx Club YouTube channel on December 21, 2019. However, it was later unlisted.
  • This is the last episode to air in 2019 and the 2010s decade in general.
  • This episode marks the second death of Valtor.
  • This also marks the official final appearance of Valtor.
  • This episode marks the second time Stella cheers ”Winx Forever!” at the end of the episode, with the second time being Winx Forever.
  • Stella has the last line of this episode and season, and by extension the series, as season 9 is a complete reboot of the series.

Easter Eggs


  • Darcy's eyeshadow is lighter than usual in one scene.
  • Icy's suit has brighter highlights than usual in one scene.
  • Bloom's ponytail goes missing in one scene.
  • Icy's upper eyeshadow is too harsh in none scene.


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