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Winx Club - Party Di Capodanno is a digital Extended Play released like many others with only five songs. This album is only in Italian.

Track Listing

N. Title Singer Length
1 Vita Da Star (Life of Star) Elisa Rosselli 2:51
2 Come Un Film (Like a Film) Elisa Rosselli 3:23
3 Potere Di Enchantix (Power of Enchantix) Elisa Rosselli 2:23
4 La Magia Di Winx Club (The Magic of Winx Club) Michela Ollari 1:12
5 Supergirl Elisa Rosselli 3:19


  • It is no longer available on the US iTunes Store.
  • This album was released on December 12, 2013 alongside the EP, Winx Club: Magico Natale.