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Winx Club 6 - Bloomix is the digital soundtrack of season six and is to date only in Italian.

Track Listing

N. Title Artist Length
1 Ancora e sempre Winx (Again and Forever WInx) Alessia Orlando, Elisa Aramonte and Michela Ollari 1:45
2 Potere Sirenix (Power Sirenix) Elisa Rosselli 4:07
3 Siamo Sirenix (We Are Sirenix) Alessia Orlando, Elisa Aramonte and Michela Ollari 2:17
4 La nostra sinfonia (Our Symphony) Elisa Rosselli 3:13
5 Solo noi (Only Us) Elisa Rosselli 3:33
6 Insieme a me (With Me) Elisa Rosselli 3:47
7 Noi e la musica (Us and the Music) Elisa Rosselli 2:16
8 Bloomix più che mai (Bloomix More than Ever) Michela Ollari, Alessia Orlando and Elisa Aramonte 2:27
9 Mythix ali di magia (Mythix Wings of Magic) Elisa Aramonte, Alessia Orlando and Michela Ollari 3:20
10 Festa magica (Magic Party) Alessia Orlando, Michela Ollari and Elisa Aramonte 2:43
11 Una voce dentro l'anima (A Voice Within the Soul) Elisa Rosselli 2:14
12 Un giorno da non dimenticare (A Day Not to Be Forgotten) Elisa Rosselli 2:11
13 Winx potere di fata (Winx Power of Fairy) Alessia Orlando, Elisa Aramonte and Michela Ollari 2:09


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