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The Winx Club Comic Series (more commonly known as the Winx Club Magazine) is a comic book series based on Winx Club and its spin-off series, World of Winx.


As of November 2020, over two hundred issues have been produced, including two issues focusing on the movies and three Halloween issues contained within their own miniseries. The first twelve are based directly on episodes of the first season, while the rest focus on other adventures.


VIZ Media Volumes

In 2012, to coincide with Nickelodeon producing new seasons of the series, VIZ Media began publishing the Winx Club comics. The comics were re-translated and placed in volumes consisting of two comics each. The comics were also slightly re-ordered by placing A Friend for Bloom as the first story in the series.

# Title Release Date Comics Contained
1 Bloom's Discovery July 3, 2012 A Friend for Bloom
First Day in Magix
2 Secrets of Alfea July 3, 2012 Secrets of Alfea
The Boys from Red Fountain
3 The Magic of Friendship September 4, 2012 A Job for Bloom
The Swamp Monster
4 Dragon's Flame November 6, 2012 Dragon's Flame
Magic Battle
5 Fairy Dreams January 1, 2013 The Guardian of Dreams
An Evil Wind
6 Time for Magic March 5, 2013 Magix on Ice
Future Adventures
7 Adventures Away May 7, 2013 The Island of Time
The Rebellion
8 Magic in the Air July 2, 2013 Magix Virus
Perfume and Magic
9 The Cursed Jewel September 3, 2013 The Cursed Jewel
Kyral's Test