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Welcome to the comprehensive list of standards for articles, pictures, and other items on the Winx Club Wiki. If you need any help, or if you have any questions or concerns, our administrators will help you. For beginners, be sure to check out the Beginner's Guide as well. Practice your editing in the sandbox.


Tecna's Files details the various projects on the wiki. It also includes the templates used in the projects as well as navboxes. Grading templates should only be applied by project leaders. For other templates see here. For a how-to guide on Tabbers with a capital "T", see here.

Blog and Discussion Posts Elaborating on Standards

This section will list the blogs that will expand on certain rules. PLEASE READ THEM.

  • Summer 2017 updates
  • As for February 22nd
    • Note: An update to Replacement Section: "At least 640 x 480 pixels (for the specials, season 1 to 4 and PopPixie)." This will change to roughly (as in "approximately/around"):
      • 1,473 × 1,073 pixels (for the specials, season 1 to 4 and PopPixie)
      • 1280 x 720 pixels, 1,920 × 1,080 pixels or greater (for later seasons 5 to present)
      • 1,917 × 809 pixels (for movies)
      • The reason for this is for better visual quality in thumbnail form.
  • Attention All Users - Picture Qualities/Gallery
  • Updated policies