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This article is about the live show. You may be looking for the soundtrack album.

Winx Power Show is a live musical tour in Italy.


The show opens just in Magix where from Earth comes the voice of Melissa, a young girl who doubting the existence of the Winx. The new mission of the fairies will just be skeptical dissipate the land, once descended to Earth Bloom, Flora, Musa, Tecna, Aisha, and Stella will face their aggressive and vicious enemy ever, the Trix, allied to the fearsome Lord Darkar. With the help of young assistants Specialists, however, the Winx surpass all difficulties, once again defeating the evil in a thrilling duel.


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The soundtrack album of the show named "Winx Power Show" contains the fourteen following songs:


  1. Una di noi
  2. L'attimo che cresce
  3. Siamo le Winx
  4. Non c'e amore
  5. Un pizzico di magia
  6. Abili guerrieri
  7. Il canto delle sierene
  8. Il canto di Musa
  9. Mondo fatato
  10. Fantabosco
  11. Balla con me
  12. Non mi arrenderò
  13. Più che puoi
  14. Vola se voui


  • Mary Dima (2005)/Francesca Colapietro (2006 - 2007)/Melissa Marchetto (Rai Sat Special) as Bloom
  • Sara Marinaccio as Stella
  • Claudia Alfonso as Flora
  • Annamaria De Matteo as Tecna
  • Erika Iacono as Musa
  • Karima Machehour (2005-2006)/Vhelade (2007) as Aisha
  • Melissa Marchetto as Melissa
  • Dania Mansi as Icy
  • Valentina Beretta as Darcy
  • Rari lo Cicero (2005)/Sabrina Orlando (2006) as Stormy
  • Paolo Carta (2005)/Germano Aledda (2006) as Darkar
  • Giacolmo Bia (2005)/Popy Archetti (2006) as Prince Sky
  • Luca Peruzzi (2005)/Davide Leso (2006) as Brandon
  • Manuel Ferruggia (2005)/Francesco Palazzo as Riven
  • Daniele Cauduro as Timmy
  • Ettore Romano (2005)/Daniele Greco (2006) as Helia