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Winx Read&Play
Winx Read&Play is a book series created by Rainbow S.r.l. and Tridimensional S.r.l./Luce Digitale (RO) and published by Kisbo Srl. The novels published under this series are interactive books, with voices and music. Children can read the story and complete the missing parts with integrated activities. Styling tips and extra activities are also included. In some books, there is also a song.


"Every book in the Read&Play series is a story of friendship, an adventure with a twist to the tale, sound effects and enchanted animation.
Listen to the story and complete it with the stickers.
And then discover the special contents, detail and tips from your friends the Winx!" Description

"Fairies! Are you ready to live lots of emotions and super fairylicious digital adventures on your tablet or smartphone?
Discover the Read&Play collection: 5 e-books for you to explore... and to play with!
Listen to the stories and fill them in with the stickers, amongst plot twists, karaoke, quizzes, puzzles, coloring pages, enchanted animations and many special features from the world of Winx!
The first e-book "The Enchanted Concert" is free!!! Go and download it!"

List of Books

# Title Release date Publisher
1 Winx - The Enchanted Concert August 31, 2015 Kisbo Srl
2 Winx - Dancing Together August 31, 2015 Kisbo Srl
3 Winx - Mission Melody! August 31, 2015 Kisbo Srl
4 Winx - Fashion and Tecno-Magic August 31, 2015 Kisbo Srl
5 Winx - Stella's Fashion Parade August 31, 2015 Kisbo Srl
6 Winx - Magic Tea August 31, 2015 Kisbo Srl
7 Winx - Bloomix Power! August 31, 2015 Kisbo Srl
8 Winx - Mythix Power! August 31, 2015 Kisbo Srl
9 Winx - A Gift for Daphne August 31, 2015 Kisbo Srl
10 Winx - The Mystery of the Deep August 31, 2015 Kisbo Srl


  • The official website says there are five books in the series, when in reality there are twice more.

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