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Winx Studio is a game produced by Smoby Interactive.


Winx Studio is a real fashion studio that allows you to create your own custom Winx. The program allows you to choose the complexion, cut and color of hair, the shape and color of your own fairy eyes. The fun continues with the makeup of the eyes and mouth, which with the special brush are tinted of all the colors you want. And away with the most fashionable clothing. With Winx Studio you can dress your own Winx with the trendiest clothes and accessories. The software offers the ability to choose from many different backgrounds in which to set up your own photographic service with personalized fairy as a protagonist and in different poses just like a real model. Finally, with photos taken you can create covers, posters and invitation cards to share with friends via email and, if that's not enough, you can also download new items from the Internet!

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