WCM155 and Winx Sweet Magic Bloom
Winx Sweet Magic is a figurine playset. The set includes Bloom, Stella, Flora, Aisha, Tecna, and Musa. It also includes the Winx's Fairy Animals: Elas, Shiny, Critty, Flitter, Squonk, and Amarok. This playset is a part of Issue 155: The Secret of Happiness.


Fairies! The new Winx Sweet Magic collection is waiting for you on the newsstand: 6 Winx with a brand new glittered look and 6 sweet, well-liked animals all to pamper! Open the bags and discover the magic: their eyes open and they really close! Wow! And for a super fun, in Winx Magazine n. 155 found Bloom together with the Carousel to play with your friends! Put the characters on the Carousel: it really turns out! Look at the spot and unboxing to find out about the collection! With Winx Sweet Magic, take part in the contest to win a fantastic bicycle! Here's how to do it: Buy at least 8 bags of the Winx Sweet Magic collection, Cut out the magic cutlery you find in the sheets of each coupon, Download the full set of rules that you find here, fill it out and sign it with your parents, Send the 8 coupons together with the compiled and signed rules to: WINX SWEET MAGIC COMPETITION Tridimensional Srl Via Brecce snc, 60025 - Loreto (AN) Run into newsstands!


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