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Winx in Concert is an album released on December 15, 2009, but only in 2013 on the iTunes Store in replacement of the Winx Club in Concert album that was removed.

Track Listing


N. Title Artist Length
1 The Chiwambo Song Elisa Rosselli 2:50
2 You're the One Elisa Rosselli 3:41
3 Fly Elisa Rosselli 3:18
4 Endlessly Elisa Rosselli 4:30
5 Spotlight Elisa Rosselli 2:51
6 Crazy in Love with You Elisa Rosselli 4:25
7 Live My Life Elisa Rosselli 3:34
8 Chain Reaction Elisa Rosselli 4:11
9 Heart of Stone Elisa Rosselli 3:09
10 A Kingdom and a Child Elisa Rosselli 2:29
11 Catch Us If You Can Elisa Rosselli 3:00
12 Superheroes Elisa Rosselli 3:38
13 This Big World Elisa Rosselli 2:28
14 The World Belongs to Me Elisa Rosselli 4:00


N. Title Artist Length
1 Mambochiwambo Elisa Rosselli 2:50
2 Unica (Unique) Elisa Rosselli 3:41
3 Segui il tuo cuore (Follow your heart) Elisa Rosselli 3:18
4 Irraggiungibile (Unattainable) Elisa Rosselli 4:30
5 Vita da star (Life of a star) Elisa Rosselli 2:51
6 Tutti i sogni miei (All my dreams) Elisa Rosselli 4:25
7 Ti parlo di me (Talk to you about me) Elisa Rosselli 3:34
8 Reazione a catena (Chain Reaction) Elisa Rosselli 4:11
9 La mia canzone (My song) Elisa Rosselli 3:09
10 Un regno e una bambina (A kingdom and a child) Elisa Rosselli 2:29
11 Prova a prenderci (Try to pick us up) Elisa Rosselli 3:00
12 Magia di Winx (Magic of the Winx) Elisa Rosselli 3:38
13 La tua musica è la mia (Your music is mine) Elisa Rosselli 2:28
14 Quando sei con me (When you are with me) Elisa Rosselli 4:00


  • Elisa Rosselli is credited as Rosselli Elisa.
  • This album is close to an exact replica of Winx Club in Concert. The only key difference is the absence of Dreamin' in My Way.
  • This album was added on iTunes to replace another album that has been removed, as for Winx Club 4 Believix.
  • Each song on this album represent the relationship one of the Winx or the Winx Club has with another person or aspect of life.
    • The Chiwambo Song is about a dream place called Mambochiwambo where the Winx Club go for vacation;
    • You're the One is about Bloom and her powers;
    • Fly is about the Winx living the dream of being a fairy;
    • Endlessly is about Bloom believing she is not good enough for Sky and that Diaspro is;
    • Spotlight is about Stella and the friendship she has with Bloom;
    • Crazy in Love with You is about the love Flora has for Helia but is unable to admit;
    • Live My Life is about Aisha wanting her father to understand she wants to live her life the way she wants to;
    • Chain Reaction is about Tecna saying that even though she has a passion for technology she is also human and has emotions;
    • Heart of Stone is about Musa's pain due to Riven's jealousy and lack of trust in her;
    • A Kingdom a Child is about Bloom and her home world she has been separated from, Domino;
    • Catch Us If You Can is about the difficulty of the homework the Winx have at Alfea and their need to have fun;
    • Superheroes is about the strength of the Winx's powers and friendship when they are fighting enemies;
    • This Big World is about the love Musa has for her mother;
    • The World Belongs to Me is about the love and bonding each Winx have with their bonded pixie.
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