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Winx on Ice is a tour based on Winx Club. It has been shown in many European countries.


In this new adventure, Bloom will have to save Carolina, an aspirant fairy of poetry from evil spells of the perfidious Trix. A fantastic Voyage of the six fairies of Magix, among ice monsters, giant spiders and witched books.

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Carolina is a little girl who loves poetry. One day, she steals a magic diary from an antiquarian shop and she soon realizes everything she writes on that diary becomes true. When Carolina writes that she dreams of a world where the magic of poetry is not a strange thing, she is brought to Alfea. Once there, the bad Trix convince her to use the power of the diary for malicious purposes. After 3 spells Carolina becomes a witch.
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The Winx and the Specialists leave to search for Carolina to save her from the Trix and the terrible Valtor, the Lord of Evil. Carolina accomplishes 3 spells against the Winx and the Specialists but in the end she realizes she is becoming a witch and repents for it.

The bad Valtor wants Carolina to write the death of the Winx on her diary, but instead she writes the defeat of Valtor and the Trix.


  • Carolina Kostner as Carolina
  • Silvia Fontana as Icy
  • Angelica Belotti as Darcy
  • Claudia Di Costanzo as Stormy
  • Giorgia Bombardieri as Bloom
  • Francesca Mongini as Stella
  • Lucina Scarpolini as Flora
  • Camilla Pistorello as Musa
  • Ambra Fredella as Tecna
  • Jamain Orchydee: Aisha
  • Alberto Carinelli as Sky
  • Marco Togni as Brandon
  • Davide Fradelloni as Riven
  • Angelo Fiorentini as Timmy
  • Cristian Zaccaria as Helia
  • Matteo Ottaviani as Nabu

Tour Dates

2008 Tour Dates
November 6 - 9 Milan
November 15 - 16 Genoa
November 22 - 23 Bologna
December 6 - 7 Bolzano
December 13 - 14 Padova
December 20 - 21 Naples
December 27 - 28 Turin
January 2 - 6 Rome
2010 Tour Dates
March 24 - 28 Moscow
February 27 Lugano
March 6 - 7 Lisbona
March 12 - 14 Paris
April 17 - 18 Milan


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