The Winxmobile is a vehicle seen in World of Winx. The vehicle serves as transport for the Winx and their guests. Aisha is seen driving the vehicle the most often.


The vehicle is light pink and rectangular with a curved front, a door, and trunk which can also be opened. There is a sunroof and a thermal scanner which is accessable from within the vehicle. The vehicle has six wheels, two at the front and four in the back. There is a deployable fixture on the vehicle that resembles Flora's Believix wings. On it is the "WOW" logo, which can be swapped out for a different image depending on the mission.

Inside, there are six seats that surrounds a touchscreen tabletop computer. The vehicle also contains changing booth so that the Winx can go incognito when needed.

World of Winx


The Winx travel around the world in the vehicle searching for talents. The Winx also use it to talk privately about the missing talents and their mission to find and put an end to the Talent Thief.