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Dark Witch is the last transformation obtained by the Trix in Season 6. The transformation was released through the official trailer of Season 6. While this can be named such by the fans, but it's name was never revealed in some languages.
  • Previous Transformation: Dark Sirenix
  • Next Transformation: None


Trix en 3d

Dark Witch (3D)

The transformation is only obtained by the Trix, after they have turned Griffin into a crow and taking control of Cloud Tower and witches. Icy explains her intentions to conquer the magic dimension. All witches praise them and that's where the three sisters converge all its magic first to allow Cloud Tower to fly to some magic schools and finally removing their Witch outfit with a new improve ones. Then, ally with Selina who had the Legendarium and they start their new adventures.


The Trix have a look of old witches and somewhat emblematic of the years 90's, except that the colors of each becomes clear and less dark. Stormy alone has kept the original colors of all her appearances while his two sisters have the most clear and detailed Dark Sirenix unlike conventional color and form. These three now have an investment of costumes as equivalent to his previous outfit, Icy as the leader of the trio is the one that wears a dress while the other two use integrally each has long sleeves, and have parties grays that are on her hips and breasts.

Each has her hair between pigtails, except for a few changes. Icy and Darcy are the only ones with higher pigtails, while Stormy has them short. The makeup of their eyes are large and have delineations. A highlight for them, the way is not a dark variant to Bloomix and Mythix transformation and that apparently has a feature of witches.


The skills they possess are very few, but were a few that has been shown:

  • They use a convergence to give powers to Witches. (623 and 624)
  • They have very few powers but almost as effective to win.
  • By getting the powers from the magic schools, they converge and creates the black stones to be stronger than the Winx. (614)
  • By converging their magic to attack any target with such a degree that became so powerful. (604, 605, 610 and 626)
  • They also become more powerful in the Legendarium World when their using their spell, initially Selina granted the powers of the Three Powerful Witches from the book and then put them as fictional characters.



  • This is the third time that the Trix receive a transformation before the Winx. The first was the Gloomix and the second was Dark Sirenix.
  • This is the first forms where all the Trix members have their hair tied in a ponytail.
  • This transformation is hardly obtained by any witch, much less in the Comics.
  • Even though Darcy has ponytail, Icy is still the only member of the Trix with longest hair, as shown in different seasons.
  • Looking at Darcy's pigtail, you could say that Icy has less hair than Darcy in its different forms.
  • This would be the only transformation that they obtained by themselves. As the others were granted by the main antagonists.
  • This is the only form which is unrelated to the Winx form that their obtained in the season.
  • Interestingly, Gloomix and this transformation are obtained from the second episode of a season.
  • Along with Dark Sirenix, they have their appearance in 3D.
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