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The Wizards of the Black Circle are the main antagonists of Season 4.


They are Ogron, Anagan, Gantlos, and Duman, and have a punk/goth look, though, in flashbacks, they were shown to have been wearing armor in medieval times. Their main purpose is to capture all the Earth Fairies and steal their magic powers to become the masters of the Earth. To capture the fairies, they used a magical item called the Black Circle from which they get their name.




Wizard of Absorption

Wizard of Super-Speed

Wizard of Destruction



Wizard of Shapeshift



Magic of Believix

They appear as an obstacle course for each levels in the game. Once the player shoots them with a spell, they disappear.

Winx Bloomix Quest

Their portrait appears in the Hall of Enchantments.


  • The Wizards of the Black Circle are the first villains who are not related to the Ancestral Witches.
    • Additionally, they are also the only villains who do not get involved with the Trix.
  • The Wizards are also the only villains whose goals were accomplished before their debut, as they had succeeded in dismantling the Earth Fairies' reign and got rid of Earth's magic. Their actions all throughout Season 4 were them trying to maintain their success.
    • They are also the only villains whose goals did not concern ruling the Magic Dimension.
  • The Wizards may also draw parallels to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse found in some legends (primarily the Book of Revelations).
    • Just as the Four Horsemen represent the end of man, the Wizards heralded the Earth Fairies' own apocalypse upon the start of the Great Fairy Hunt.
  • Ogron's ability to absorb a fairy's powers is similar to both Darkar's ability to absorb all magical energy and Valtor's ability to absorb stolen magic.
  • They also play a similar role to the Trix in Season 1, who they share similar defeat scenes or episodes with as Duman had been killed two episodes before Ogron, Anagan and Gantlos' defeat.
    • In fact, the fate of the remaining three Wizards remains unknown. If they were not killed from the fall after being frozen by the Believix Convergence, then they presumably remain frozen forever in the Omega Dimension.
    • The Wizards draw even more parallels with the Trix during the Neruman Arc of the Winx Club Comic Series. Here, the three remaining Wizards are confirmed to have survived the fall, where they remained frozen within the deepest depths of the Omega Dimension until they were freed by Neruman under the condition that they faithfully serve him. This mirrors how, in Season 2, Lord Darkar had freed the Trix from their imprisonment within the Fortress of Light under the condition that they serve him faithfully like their ancestors once did.
  • The wizards plucking the wings of Earth Fairies is similar to how a band of humans killed Helbram's friends for their wings in The Seven Deadly Sins.
  • After the Trix, the Wizards of the Black Circle make the second most appearances in the comic series.
    • Darkar and Valtor are tied with having the least appearances despite being the major antagonists in their respective seasons in the animated series. They are however, mentioned in multiple issues.
    • Selina and Tritannus are tied with making only two appearances.